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Rectus abdominus

Allows for forward movement flexion of the spine

External obliques

Bends the Body side to side lateral flexion and allow for torso rotation

Internal obliques

Bend the body side to side lateral flexion and allow for torso rotation

Transversus abdominis

Contracted isometrically during a forceful exhalation laugh or cough

Erector Spinae

Allows the spine to move backwards known as spinal extension

Quadratus lumborum

Move the hip upward

Gluteus maximus

Moves the leg behind the body hip extension and externally rotates the hip

Gluteus medias

Allows for leg movement out to the side abduction and internal rotation

Gluteus minimus

Allows like to move away from the body abduction as well as stabilizing the hip


Psoas and iliacus muscles combined also called the hip flexors these two muscles together flex and externally rotate the hip


Articulation or two bones meet


Decrease of an angle at a joint shortening of the joint


Increase of an angle at a joint lengthening of a joint


Movement of a limb away from the midline of the body


Movement of a limb towards the midline of the body