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what type of muscle is voluntary?
what are the 2 types of striated muscle?
cardiac, skeletal
what are the 2 types of involuntary muscles?
cardian and visceral
what type of muscle is smooth?
what is the percentage of skeletal muscle in a male and a female?
42% Male
36% female
What controls all skeletal muscle?
somatic nervous system
the more moveable attachment
the less moveable attachment
decrease angle of joint
increase angle of joint
what is the prime mover of any skeletal movement
agonist muscle
muschels that act on the same joing to produce opposite actions than agonists
what is the most distinctive feature of skeletal muscle?
what is each muscle fiber packed with?
what is each myofibril packed with?
what are myofilaments composed of?
thick and thin filaments that give rise to bands which underlie striations
what is the thick filament called?
what are the thin filaments called? (3)
actin, troponin, tropomyosin
the area where actin and myosin don't overlap
H band
this is a light area that conntains thin filaments (mostly actin)
I band
what is at the center of the I band where the actins attach?
Z line/ disc
contraction requires what two things to interact?
actin and myosin
these are formed by heads of myosin molecules that extend toward the thin filament and interact with actin
sites of interaction- cross bridges
the ATP- binding site on each myosin head functions as an....
when _____ levels are low, muscle is relaxed because actin and myosin are unable to interact; tropomyosin is blocking the binding sites on actin
how does skeletal muscle respire the 1st 45- 90 sec of moderate to heavy exercise?
where is most energy derived from during light exercise?
fatty acids
where is most energy derived from during moderate exercise?
equally from fatty acids and glucose
where is most energy derived from during heavy exercise?
2/3 from glucose
what are the 3 factors in the alterations in force of contraction?
1. number of motor units activated
2. frequency of stimulation
3. length of muscle
what includes the motor neuron and all fibers it innervates?
motor unit
what does force of contraction depend on?
number of muscle fibers activated
when is force generated?
point of overlap between actin and myosin

max force at max overlap
this occurs when muscle contracts and becomes rigid due to a lack of ATP required for relaxation... lasts 24- 36 hours after a person dies
rigor mortis