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If an object falls, does acceleration and velocity increase, decrease, or remain the same?
If displacement per unit time is tripled, the ___________ increases by a factor of _____________
velocity, 3
When velocity decreases, acceleration has a ________________(negative, positive) value
More damage and life threatening injuries are incurred in a head on collision of two cars, each traveling at 30 mph, than a car crashing into a brick wall at 30 mph because:
The relative velocities of the head on collision is the sum of the two velocities
If a car's output is increased, it's efficiency: (increased, decreased)
is decreased

A real image can be obtained with:

A convex lens and concave mirror
As light passes from air to water, some light is reflected from the surface. The angle of reflection is :
Greater than the angle of refraction
True or False: Two models have been propsed for light because both the wave and the wave particle models explain separate light phenomena.
A beam of charged particles can be deflected by :
Both a magnetic and electric field
A positive charge on a object causes:
A deficiency of electrons
J. J. Thomson did what for the field of physics?
He discovered the electron
A cathode ray is:
A beam of electrons
The nineteenth century scientist who first explored the relationship between electricity and magnetism was:
The space around a charge or a pole in which a force is experienced is:
A field

A moving electric charge is surrounded by:
Both an electric and magnetic field
The discovery of current-carrying wire exerts a force on a second current-carrying wire was made by:
A. M. Ampere
The vectors around a magnetic field around a long, straight, current-carrying wire are:
concentric with the wire
The phrase that best describes a field is:
A sphere of influence
The transformer is based on:
The charge on a charged sphere is:
Distributed uniformly over its surface
The electric field strength E is measured as:
Force per unit charge

The inverse square law the describes electrostatic force was name for:
Charles Coulomb
If a resistance is added in parallel to a circuit, the circuit resistance is then: (more, less)
The driving force for an electric current is called:
An electromotive force
Induction is the principle applied in :
Generators and resistors
Metals are good conductors because of their:
Outer electron orbits
Current is uniform anywhere in a series describes what law?
conservation of charge
Thomas was able to measure the:
Ratio of the charge and mass

Atom neutrons are expressed as:

A + Z

Z - A

A - Z

Z = A

A - Z
Different species of the same element are:

The mass of triton is:

Less than the sum of its component masses
The angular momentum of an electron in each of its orbits must be some multiple of :
Plank's constant