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What is Gravity?

Gravity is the force of attraction between all masses - but you only notice it when the masses is really really big e.g. a planet

What is 1 effect of gravity?

1. on the surface of a planet, it makes all things accelerate towards the ground (all with the same acceleration - 10m/s²

2. What is another effect of gravity?

2. It gives everything a weight

3. What is another effect of gravity and what is an orbit?

3. It keeps planers, moons and satellites in their orbits

An orbit is a balance between the forward motion of the object and the force of gravity pulling it inwards

What is mass?

Mass is the amount of 'stuff' in an object

This object will have the same mass anywhere in the universe

What is weight?

Weight is caused by the pull of gravity.

The weight of an object is just the force of gravity pulling it towards the centre of the Earth

Does mass or weight change if you're on the moon as apposed to Earth?

The mass stays the same

Weight will be less because the force of gravity is less on the moon

What is weight measured in and how?


a mass balance

What is mass measured in and how?


spring balance or newton metre

What is the formula linking mass, weight and gravity?

Weight = mass x gravitational field strength

W = m x g

What is the 'g' - gravitational field strength on Earth and the Moon?

Earth - 10 N/kg

Moon - 1.6 N/kg

Example question using the formula

Question - what is the weight, in newtons, of a 5kg mass, both on

a) Earth

b) The Moon?

w = m x g

a) w = 5 x 10

w = 50N

b) w = 5 x 1.6

w = 8N