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Density D = M/V
Density = Mass/Volume
Young's strech modulus Y = FL/A*L
* triangle
Young's stretch modulus = Force(Original Length)/Area(change in length)
Idea efficiency of a heat Engine (T^hot - T^cold)/T^hot
Temperature of resivor hot - " cold/ " hot
Wave speed V = A*f
wavespeed = wavelength(frequency)
Frequency and period T = 1/F
Period = 1/Frequency
(Hz, Hertz)
Period of a pendulum T = 2pi (square root) L/G
Period = 2pi (square root) Length/Accelaration due to gravity (9.8m/s)
Snell's law n1sin(theta)1 = n2sin(theta)2
number #1 sin (theta) #1 = number #2 sin (theta) #2
Speed of light c = A*f
speed of light = wavelength(frequency)
Index of refraction n = c/v
Index of refraction = speed of light (3 x 10^8m/s)/speed of light in material
Coulomb's law F = kq1q2/d^2
force between 2 charged particles in newtons (N) = (9 x 10^9N x m^2/c^2)(#1 charge on the particle)(#2 charge on the particle)/distance between them in meters(M)^2
Electric power P = IV
Power(P) = Current(A)(voltage)(V)
Ohm's law I = V/R
Current(A) = Voltage(V)/Resistance(U*)