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What did Galileo discover in his legendary experiment on the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Galileo proved to objects with different masses fall at the same rate. This contradicted Aristotle's belief that objects fell in proportion to their mass.
What did Galileo discover about moving bodies and in his experiments with inclined planes?
Galileo found that a ball would come to rest because of friction and not "nature". He believed that in the absence of friction or other opposing forces, a horizontally moving object would continue moving indefinitely (forever).
Cite Newton's first law of motion.
Every object continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it.
What is the net force on an object that is pulled with 80 newtons to the right and 80 newtons to the left?
Net force is 0. The object will continue its current state of motion (either at rest or constant velocity)
A bowling ball at rest is in equilibrium. Is the ball in equilibrium when it moves at constant speed in a straight-line path?
Yes. Objects in equilibrium or with a net force of "0", will maintain its current motion, either at rest or constant velocity
What is inertia?
The property of things to resist changes in motion

Was it Galileo or Newton who first proposed the concept of inertia?
Galileo with his inclined plane experiment
Constant velocity means...
An object is maintaining its speed AND direction
What has more inertia, a school bus or a golf cart? Why?
Golf cart b/c it has less mass.
What has more inertia, a large balloon filled with air or a small balloon filled with water? Why?
Small balloon with water as it has more mass.
In terms of Newton's first law (the law of inertia), how does a car headrest help to guard against whiplash in a rear-end collision?
The headrest prevents your head from "doing what it was doing" or maintaining its current state of motion. If you are hit from behind when standing still, your head wants to remain still and that is why your head snaps back.
If you toss a coin straight upward while riding in a train, where does the coin land when the motion of the train is uniform along a straight-line track? When the train slows while the coin is in the air? When the training turning?
If a train maintains constant motion, the coin will land in the same spot where it was thrown in the air. If the train slows down, the coin will move forward. If the train changes direction, the coin will land if a different spot, depending on which way the train goes.
What is Net Force?
Also known as total force on an object. If forces are acting in the same direction, you add them together. If they are acting in opposite directions, they are subtracted from each other.