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infrared radiation

-all objects emit and absorb infrared radiation.

-shiny light coloured surfaces absorb infrared

radiation slower. than black matt surfaces, they reflect infrared radiation well.

-hotter surfaces emit radiation faster than cooler surfaces.

Global warming

Many things can affect the rate of global

warming, one is that the sea water is dark coloured and will absorb infrared radiation from the sun faster than ice.

bonds between particles

-bonds between particles are strongest in solids and weakest in gases

- melting is when a solid turns into a liquid, when the solid is heated, particles vibrate more

vigorously, bonds between particles break &

reform so particles can change places.

Bonds between particles

-Freezing is when a liquid cools and changes to a solid.

- boiling is when a liquid turns into a gas when liquid is heated, particles break their bonds and can move around randomly

-condensing is when a gas cools and changes to a liquid.