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What field manual covers physical readiness training?
FM 21-20.
Name the stages of physical conditioning?
Toughing, Slow improvement and Sustaining.
Name the four components of physical fitness?
Agility, Coordination, Endurance and Strength.
What formation is used to give PT?
The extended rectangular formation or circular formantion.
What is the circular formation used for?
Guerrilla exercises, circuit interval course and grass drills.
What are the eight commands to form the Extended Rectangular formation?
Extend to the Left, March;Arms Downward, Move;Left face; Extend to the left, March; Arms Downward, Move; Right face;From Front To Rear, Count Off; Even numbers to the left, uncover.
What command follows Extend to the Left, March?
Arms Downward, Move.
What is the command to recover from the PT formation?
Assemble to the Right, March.
What is exercise one of conditioning drill one?
The High Jumper.
What is the mjinimum number of points required to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test?
60 points per event.