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Photos that look like "art" (paintings and drawings)
P.H. Emerson
Made platinum prints (low contrast/brownish tones

"Life and Landscape on Norfolk Broads"

Do not cut/paste/manipulate
Take pics how human eye would see- Differential focus

Writes "Naturalistic Photography" 1889
"The Death of Naturalistic Photo" 1891
George Davison
Everything out of focus.
"Onion Field"- impressionistic photo
Robert Demachy
(French) Gum Printing, very manipulated, Ballerinas
Frederick Evans
(English) Platinum Printer. Photo-ed english cathedrals ( famous for interiors)
Photo Secession
brings fine art photographers away from pictorialism and into straight photography
Alfred Stieglitz
opens gallery at 291 5th Ave. NYC to commemorate secession

1887 "A Good Joke" Silver Gelatin Print

1892 "Winter on 5th Ave" Silver Print

1907 "The Steerage" Photo Gravure

Hangs show called Photo Secession

Equivalents- Series of things eqivalent to
Camera Work
Publication of Photo Secession (1903-1907)
Photo Gravieres

1st issue goes to Gertrude Kasebier-Plat Printer/kinda Pictor.

2nd Issue- Edward Steichen, "The Pond Moonlight" Gumprint {most exp. photo}
Clarence White
One of Founding Members of Photo Secession.

Plat. Printer

"The Ring Toss" Gum Print
Armory Show
1913 in US

BIG International exhibition in NY
Paul Strand
A founding member of Photo Secession

"Back of the Church" 1931 New Mexico
The Family of Man
Curated by Edward Steichen

exhibit at NYMOMA w/ 503 photos

broke all attendance records
Color Photography
1st color photo by Rev. Levi Hill hilotype

Maxwell of London takes pic of vase thru 3 diff filters
1st practical color photography
Lumiere Bros. 1904 avail 1907

+ not - process

color starch granules between glass

small rolled up 35mm film
can be blown up
layers of color emulsions
Picasso "Young Girls of Avignon"

Analytic, Synthetic
based on movement
reaction to the insanity of war
stepping outside of reason/rationality
Surrealist Manifesto
Andre Breton

Influenced by freud theories
Granted mysterious power to women
Alexander Rodchenko

cold/hard edged/ about machines/Bauhaus
"The Octopus" Gelatin Silver Print
vortographs- kaleidoscope type
Christian Schad
one of the 1st to make photograms a fine art

called them Schadographs
Man Ray
Explored photograms (rayographs)

Solarization- black lines between->flash white light during film developing

Sabattier Effect- white lines between tones-> flash white light on paper during dev process
Lee Miller
Only female photojournalist during WWII
Lazlo Moholy-Nagy

integrated art and science
Leica Camera
Prototype made by Oscar Barnett 1913

standardized roll up film for still photos

1924 could go to photo store and buy leica
Will be famous for night photos
book "Paris by Night"
1976 all pix published in 'the Secret Life of Paris"
coined term "the decisive moment"

carried leica everywhere

"Behind the St. Lazeraie Train Station" ( man leaping over water with reflection)

forms Magnum- group for photojournlists
farm security administration
Historical section-govt wanted to record what was happening

works progress administration- to help artists
Roy Stryker
in charge of managing photographers in historical section of FSA
Arthur Rothstein
Dust storm in Simeron county
Marion Post Wolcott
"young boys waiting"
Dorthea Lange
"Migrant Mother" 1936
Walker Evans
most famous fsa photographer
did series of subway portraits
book called "Many are called"
Eric Salomon
used Ermanox ( dim lighting)
father of photojournalism
took pix of world leaders in between wars
Margaret Bourke-White
1st to photo in aerial combat
photographed 1st cover of life magazine
"the american way"
Arthur Fellig (weegee)
took pix at crime scenes
used infaredfilm/red flash for night pix
W. Eugene Smith
Most famous photojournalist
"A walk to paradise gardens"
"Spanish Village" essays in Life
"Tomoku in her bath"
Robert Capa
pix of Marines landing on beach @D-day (only 11 negs)

wars like Spanish Civil war
Gerda Taro
1t woman to cover war from front lines

robert capa partner
Donna Ferrato
book called "Living with the enemy" on domestic violence

also "Love and Lust"
James Nachtwey
showed video of iraq slingshots
Susan Meiselas
Book called "El Salvador"
photos of guerillas vs. govt
Sebastaio Salgado
originally economist
photo many 3rd world countries
Mary Ellen Mark
pix on mental hospitals/blind schools etc.
runaways in seattle
indian family circus