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The term Phlebotomy is derived from Greek words that mean?

Vein, cut

The terms venesection/venisection are synonymous with which of the following


Acute care refers to which type of hospital care


What are the competency statements for healthcare workers?

Skills and abilities required for job performance

Which of the following is the medical specialty that pertains to the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders


Which of the following Specialties would relate to diagnosis and treatment of cancer?


Which of the following Medical Specialists would only treat elderly patients?


Receiving an emergency lab test is an example of which phase of Laboratory Testing?

Preexamination / pre-analytical

Assessing a patient for a suitable vein to perform a venipuncture procedure is an example of which phase of the Laboratory Testing?

Pre examination / pre-analytical

Using an antiseptic for cleansing the skin prior to a venipuncture procedure is an example of which phase of Laboratory Testing

Pre-examination / pre-analytical

Centrifugation of a blood specimen is an example of which phase of Laboratory Testing

Pre examination / pre-analytical

Performing a laboratory assay on a patient's blood specimen is an example of which phase of Laboratory Testing?

Examination/ analytical

In which of the circumstances below is the phlebotomist likely to collaborate with the pharmacy

When asked to collect specimens for drug monitoring

Which of the following aspects would you do the most to promote a professional appearance in a patient care setting

Good posture and personal hygiene

There are many professional expectations for a phlebotomist but one of the most important is a code of ethics. Which of the following would be an example of ethical Behavior

Respect for a patient's privacy

Among Healthcare organizations which of the following is a typical long-term facility

Nursing home

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are important for

Personal and patient safety

Professional certification typically refers to

Passing a national examination and completing continuing education

Licensure typically refers to

Passing a state-required examination and or continuing education

The term "right to know" refers to

The patient's right to information about his procedures and who is performing them

Health care for infants and children falls into which medical specialty


Which of the following is an important work-related characteristic that is helpful for phlebotomist

Enjoying working with small objects

Which of the following is acceptable attire for a phlebotomist

Necklace tucked inside a collar

Six Sigma is an example of a

Quality improvement framework

Competencies for phlebotomist never vary from one employer to another


Written examinations are the only way to assess confidence in the healthcare field


As an example of quality assessment would be checking for multiple venipunctures on the same patient


The abbreviation CE usually refers to a certification examination


Verbal and nonverbal communication skills are considered essential for phlebotomist


The right to refuse treatment is considered a patient right


Confidentiality is considered a patient right


A phlebotomist should wear a name badge at all times while on duty


Sandals are permitted in the laboratory


The term used to describe patients, other individuals, groups, or organizations that have an interest in or are influenced by the quality of care in a healthcare organization are called customer or


A patient who is hospitalized is an


CMS is an abbreviation for

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services

Health Care procedures that are provided to a patient in the comfort of their own home or called _______ care services

Home Health

The organization that helps International standards for the healthcare industry is the

International Organization for standardization ISO

Laboratory tests provided to individual consumers on request are referred to as

Direct access testing DAT

The physician's office is an example of an_____ or outpatient setting


A specialist who performs laboratory tests and usually has a 2-year or associate degree is called

Medical laboratory technician MLT

The department that provides special diets for patients is called

Nutrition and dietetics

A physician who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the tissues that produce hormones is an