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3 arguments for existence of God
cosmelogical, design/ teleological, ontelogical
aquinas- existence of God can be proven 5 ways: motion, efficient cause, necessity/ contingency, degrees of goodness, and degrees of harmony
cosmelogical- motion
nothing can set itself in motion, it has to be set into motion by something else. God put everything in motion first.
cosmelogical- efficient cause
nothing caused itself to be, everything has a maker
cosmelogical- contingency/ necessity
everything is caused to exist forever by something so there has to be a higher being that was already there
cosmelogical- degrees of goodness
there has to be something that is the cause of existence of beings, goodness, and perfection
cosmelogical- degrees of harmony
all beings have to be directed towards an end
teleological/ design argument
william paley, the fact that the world exists implies that there is a world maker
arguments against cosmelogical
infinite regression- nothing can be infinite. the planet could have always been here so God doesnt have to be a necessary component. Who put God in motion?
there is no God
huxley, lack of evidence that there is a God or not
characteristics of judeo christian God
transcendent(above earth space and time), creator, individual, omnipotent (all powerful), necessary, eternal, unchanging, omniscient (all knowing), spirit, loving
spinoza, God is everything and everything is God
krause, everything is in God
ontelogical argument
anselm. God is that which non greater can be conceived. if God were an idea, then we would be able to imagine something greater so he must exist
criticism of ontelogical argument
kant: existence isnt a characteristic.
danilo: said you can prove the existence of anything by switching out the word (but he is factually wrong)
religious wagers
opposition to agnostic. made famous by pascal. if you believe in God if he exists you will gain everything, and if you dont believe in God and he doesnt exist you wont lose anything but if he does then when you die youll lose everything.
Dr. Cording's ontological argument
perfection entails existence
2 famous books
darwin: origin of species. survival of the fittest, natural selection. and mill: mills on liberty?? the truth shal prevail
James' Will To Believe
it's wrong to believe in something without evidence. genuine option: you have your own option what to believe.
if there wasnt a God we would have to make one up
God is an illusion. people believe in God because they need to feel that someone is there to protect them
Kant's view on God
we feel an obligation to work for a world where justice prevails. moral goodness is rewarded in the end. evil people get what they deserve. we must believe God exists, but we dont know for sure. existence isnt accredited to scripture, argued cosmological.
athiest, had evidence God didnt love him but when he presented it to christians they said its not real evidence. if you cant prove something then its meaningless
athiest 3 evils
omnipotence, love, omniscience. (land owner story)
focuses on ethics as why God exists.
perception of God as a male is sexist. says we should see God as a goddess
God is outside of time because time requires change. God is free because external forces cant change him but He is bound to his inner goodness. he has to make good creatures. God is justice and governs His creations
God created humans in the present form within the last 8000 years, created the world as it is today
theistic evolutionists
God guided the process of evolution over millions of years
God played no role in evolution
genuine option
you have the option to believe what you want to believe
empathy questions
people struggle to believe in God, the idea of struggling is healthy, being mean is not a solution to struggle
4 primary values: wealth, pleasure, duty, enlightenment (highest spiritual value)
brahma: only the brahma is real
karma: what goes around comes around
scripture is the vedas
samsana: reincarnation
dharma: teachings of buddha
nirvana: liberation from the reincarnation cycle
avidya: ignorance and unawareness
since God is a male it further divides men and women.
Ivan Illyich question
answer is D, death
the direct experience of a religious dimension of reality that we can truly know only when we surrender our individual selves and achieve a union of ultimate reality. (they think they can actualy speak with God)
believe in God:
spinoza, krause, auquinas, anselm, kant, pascal, daly (sort of), conway, kierkegaard
darwin, flew
huckley, clifford
ethics of belief. all beliefs are grounded in logic