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Sources of water

Drilled well, driven well, dug well, Word well, Spring, stream or cistern. Individual water supplies shall be constructed and installed in accordance with acceptable state and local laws


Sources of water (part 2)

Surface bodies of water and land cisterns (shall not be)sources of individual water supply unless properly treated by an approved means to prevent contamination


Pump enclosures

Pump rooms or enclosures around a well pump shall be drained and rejected from freezing by heating or other approved means. Pumps installed in basement shall be installed on a block or a shelf not less than 18 inches above basement floor. Well pita shall be prohibited


Size of the water distribution pipe correctly to supply the proper quantities and pressure required. For the structure

Size of water distribution pipe shall not be less then —-“ in diameter



Separation of water distribution piping From most types of drains

Water distribution piping shall be separated horizontally but not less than 5 feet of undisturbed or contact earth from non-metallic Sewers, building drains, storm sewer or storm drainage piping

603.2 separation of water distribution pipe (part 2)

Water distribution pipe shall be separated not less than 12 inches vertically and 12 inches horizontally from the outer edge. From building sewers and other drainage piping where metallic piping is used from any structure.


Separation of water distribution piping. From most building drainages for all types ( part3)

The separation distance shall not apply where a water distribution pipe crosses building drains of all types. Provided that the water distribution pipe is at least 12 inches above such pipe and sleeved to a point not less than 5 feet horizontally.


system interconnection

At the points of interconnection between hot and cold water supply piping of any kind provision shall be made to prevent backflow between such piping systems

P 604.3

What are supply system design criteria

The water supply system shall be designed and pipe sizes Shelby selected search that under conditions of peak demand the capacities add the fixture supply pipe outlet shown not be less than minimum flow rate provided to the fixture


size of fixture supply

The size of the pipe is determined in chart 604.5 The fixture supply pipe Shall terminate not more than 30 inches from the point of connection to the fixture