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What is an Issue?
An Issue is raised when a claim is in question.
What is an Argument:
An attempt to support a claim or assertion by providing a reason or reasons for accepting it.
What is a Conclusion?
In Argument it is the claim that is argued for.
What is a premise?
The claim or claims in an argument that provide the reasons for believing the conclusion.
What are premise indicators?
Words or Phrases that often indicate a premise is about to be stated.
What are Factual Issues?
An issue that there are generally accepted methods for settling.
What are non-factual issues?
An issue concerning which neither of two disagreeing parties is required to be mistaken or concerning which there is no general method of resolving.
What is a factual Claim?
A claim about a factual issue.
What is subjectivism?
The assumption that what is true for one person is not neccessarily true for another person.
What is relativism?
The view that two different cultures can be correct in their differing opinions on the same issue.
What can you do with a claim?
Accept, Reject or Suspend Judment.
What every claim has.
Truth Value
What is truth value?
It is either true or false.
What is an Issue?
The topic being debated.
What can whether be used as?
It should be used as an issue indicator.
What must every argument have?
one conclusion and one issue.
DESCRIBE:::Matter Of Fact and Matter of Opinion.
Factual matters have a general accepted method of testing whether it is true or false, A matter of opinion is based on personal beliefs.
What is Vague?
Claims that have several meanings.
What is a Euphemism?
Used Car>>PreOWNED Placing something in a more positive tone.
Places a negative spin on something.
All Asians are smart.
What is an Innuendo?
Saying Something but meaning something else
What is a loaded question?
Trap questions. Have you stopped beating your wife?
Way to back out of a claim
An extravagent overstatement. (BEST MOVIE EVER)
Proof Surrogate
Implies that there is some sort of authority behind a claim.
Rhetorical Comparison
PLaces an Emotional Spin HOT AS HELL, COLD AS ICE
Whats an Argument from outrage?
In example: What do you think they are doing with your tax dollars? Throwing it in the gutter to supply funding for.......blah.
In Example>It's All my grandparents fault, they were german.
Scare Tactic
Not a Warning...In Example>"I'm not going to a concert tonight and neither should you because there are burglars outrage.
Argument by force
In Example:I'm gonna kill you if you don't vote for me!
Argument From Pity
In Example>Buy me a car cause i'm poor!
Apple Polishing?
In Example>>Heres a dozen roses mom, can i get a new sweater?
Wishful Thinking?
When you accept a claim because you want it to be true.
Peer Pressure
Pressure from your peers.
Group think Fallacy?
A club or school, deals with group identity. I.E. They ride skateboards, everyone like them, i should ride a skateboard, everyone will like me.
What is rationalizing?
Try to make something look better than it is. In Example>>i can not study today, and thats okay cuz i will study harder tomorrow.
Argumentation Ad Hominim
Is the most common of all mistakes in reassoning. Confusion between the qualities of the claim and the qualities of the person.
What is an Independant premise?
They stand alone even though one might be wrong, the other might be correct. In example: I had a meeting on campus
I was early to class
Therefore my lecture was better prepared.
Dependant Premisises
They depend on eachother.. If one is wrong, then so is the other.
The difference between a good and bad rgument?
A good argument is one that provide suffiecient reasoning for accepting the conclusion. A bad argument is one that is not sufficient.
What is a sound argument?
It is valid and it's premises are all true.
Deductive Aregument?
One that is attempting to be valid only looks at the fact.
Inductive Argument?
More Common, not as solid, brings extra info into the situation.
What is a probability Rate?
If it is high the argument is strong, if it is low the argument is weak.