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Cholinergic drugs mimic

a) parasympathetic
b) ACh
c) rest & digest
Receptors that cause vasoconstriction, decreases intestinal and glandular function, and mydriasis

a) Alpha1
b) Beta 1
c) Beta 2
Alpha 1
Increases HR/Force of Contraction

a) Alpha1
b) Beta 1
c) Beta 2
Beta 1

beta blockers tx hi BP
increases renin secretion

a) Alpha1
b) Beta 1
c) Beta 2
Beta 1

Beta Blockers- Tx BP
why are Beta 1 blockers used to treat hi BP?
because Beta1 receptors increase HR and Contractile forces of the HT which will increase BP. Thus blocking will decrease
Relaxes airways

a) Alpha1
b) Beta 1
c) Beta 2
Beta 2
Beta 2 receptors cause vasodilation/relaxation of arterioles and veins except for ______________
Which is not a cholinergic drug

a) Ambenomium chloride (Mytelase)
b) Physostigmine salicylate (Antilirium)
c) Glycopyrrolate (Robinul)
Glycopyrrolate (Robinul)- cholinergic blocking

inhibits muscarinic actions of ACh- sub for atropine
diagnostic test for Myasthenia Gravis. Why?
edrophonium chloride (tensilon)

bc too short acting
most cholinergics can be reversed by ___________
Which Cholinergic does not inhibit the destruction of ACh but instead mimics ACh by binding to muscarinic receptors

a) Ambenomium (Mytelase)
b) Bethanecol (Urecholine)
c) Neostigmine Br (Prostigmin Bromide)
Bethanecol (Urecholine)- urine- creates automatic bladder and increases peristalsis- tx neurogenic bladder, ab distention
Cholinergic that prevents Urinary Retention due to Nuerogenic Bladder

a) Edrophine (Tensilon)
b) Bethanecol (Urecholine)
c) Neostigmine Br (Prostigmin Bromide)
Bethanecol (Urecholine) - binds to muscarinic rcptrs- mimics ACh
Cholinergic that treats myasthenia gravis and post operative ileus but is not often tolerated well

a) Edrophine (tensilon)
b) Physostigmine Salicylate (Antilirium)
c) Neostigmine Br (Prostigmin Br)
Neostigmine Br (prostigmin br)

sub w Ambenonium Cl (mytelase)
Pyridostgmine Br (Mestinon) is a cholinergic used to Myasthenia Gravis, however, its use may be avoided due to risk of

a) Urinary Retention
b) Hallucination
c) Convulsion
Convulsion, Bradycardia, Hypotension

also: HA, miosis, ab cramps, N/V, rash, bronchospasm (common w all cholinergics)
Why are most Cholinergics CI for asthmatic px
most cause bronchospasm or constriction
cholinergic that may also cause hallucinations, and ataxia

a) Physistigmine Salisylate (Antilirium)
b) Atropine Sulfate
c) Pyridostigmine Br (Mestinon)
Physistigmine Salisylate (Antilirium)

Atropine Sulfate -> urinary retention, constipation
Pyridostigmine Br (Mestinon) -> bradycardia, hypotension, convulsions
why would full stock of Physostigmine Salicylate (Antilirium) be found in rural hospitals but not in urban hospitals?
bc it is an antidote in anticholinergic poisoning from insectisides
used to speed up HR by blocking vagal effects on the SA node

a) Atropine Sulfate
b) Biperiden Lactate (Akineton)
c) Ephedrine sulfate
Atropine Sulfate- used in surgery- may cause urinary retention, constipation, restlessness

(also decreases secretions)
Balance Cholinergic activity in Basal Ganglia to treat disorder of coordination/posture including parkinsonism

a) Biperiden Lactate (akineton)
b) Glycopyrrolate (rubinol)
c) Scopalamine Hydrobromide
Biperiden Lactate (akineton)
used to treat spastic states and motion sickness but should be avoided w alcohol

a) glycopyrrolate (rubinol)
b) atropine sulfate
c) scopalamine hydrobromide
scopalamine hydrobromide- Cholinergic blocker - inhibits muscarinic actions of Ach
stim both alpha and beta adrenergic receptors to treat bronchospasm, hypersensitivities, and anaphylaxis

a) Epinephrine Hydrochloride (adrenalin)
b) Ephedrine Sulfate
c) Dobutamine Hydrochloride (Dobutrex)
Epinephrine Hydrochloride (adrenalin)

Ephedrine Sulfate- alpha and beta receptors -tx asthma, decongest, correct hypotensive state

Dobutamine Hydrochloride (Dobutrex)- Pressor Agent- stim Beta1 receptors of HT to increase myocardial contractility, SV, CO
Sudafed stimulates

a) Alpha and Beta Adrenergic receptors
b) Alpha
c) Beta 1
d) Beta 2
alpha receptors in respiratory tract producing vasoconstriction. Tx for nasal congestion
Stim dopaminergic, alpha and beta adrenergic receptors used to tx shock

a) Adrenalin
b) ephedrine
c) dopamine HydroCl
dopamine hydrochloride (intropin)
also increases perfusion to Vital Organs, KD, and increases CO

may cause ectopic beats, hypertension, piloerection, chest pain, dyspnea
bronchodilators such as albuterol (ventolin) stimulate

a) Alpha and Beta Adrenergic receptors
b) Alpha
c) Beta 1
d) Beta 2
Beta 2- relax bronchial smooth muscle

Adrenalin affects everything the nervous system controls

esp- nervousness, HA, tachycardia, hyperglycemia, pulm hypertension/edema, pallor, cold extremities
Adrenergic Blocker (sympatholytic)

a) dopamine hydrochloride (intropin)
b) propanolol hydrochloride (inderal)
c) metaproterenol (alupent)
propanolol hydrochloride (inderal)- most popular Beta Blocker

also DHE 45, Imitrex
Adrenergic Blockers are typical used to treat _____
tx migraines

Inderal = most common beta blockers for hypertension
Sumatriptan Succinate (imitrex) is a seratonin ______
DHE45 will releive a migraine but may cause

a) painful extremities
b) paresthesia
c) urinary retention
painful extremities/weak
chest pain

(NO urinary retention)
Sumatrin Succinate (imitrex) can relieve acute Migraines but is used w caution due to which adverse effects
Coronary Vasospasm
chest pain

CI- ischemic HT Disease treated w Nitrates
px with ischemic HT Disease that is being treated w Nitrates should not take _______
Sumatriptan Succinate (Imitrex)- adrenergic blocker - can cause Myocardial Infarct (MI)