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What is the most important quality of a drug?
The 1st pass effect primarily affects the drug's...
Metabolism- because the drug metabolizes in the liver
What is true of selective toxicity in antimicrobials?
Toxic to microbes and harmless to host
Pharmacokinetics is..
What the body does to the drug
Half-life is..
The time required for the drug in the body to decrease by 50%
When comparing a drug with a strong attraction to albumin with a drug that has a weaker attraction, the distribution of the drug with a stronger attraction would be….
Lower distribution- this is because albumin sucks up the drug
Naloxone blocking the effects of morphine is an example of what?
A beneficial inhibitory action
What would be your first action after a medication error?
Assess the patient and notify the prescriber.
Use of drugs to diagnose, prevent or treat disease is known as?
Pharmacodynamics is..
What the drug does to the body
A low therapeutic index will require…
Frequent patient monitoring because it has a small margin of error.
A patient experiences nausea/vomiting with erythromycin and has been prescribed azithromycin. The nurse explains…
Azithromycin has less severe GI side effects
A peak level of vancomycin should be drawn...
90 minutes after completing administration
A patient is receiving Bactrim for a UTI. The nurse advises…
Drink plenty of fluids (flush stuff out)
A patient is taking warfarin and Bactrim, the nurse is more concerned about….
Decreased warfarin effect. This is because the Bactrim is keeping the liver busy and the warfarin cannot attach to receptor area.
2 hours after taking penicillin, a patient develops shortness of breath and uticaria (hives). What is the patient experiencing?
We are using celecoxib to treat arthritis. A history of an allergy to which drug class would contraindicate use?
The nurse observes redness/heat at the IV site. The nurse should…
Select an alternative site.
After taking 3 weeks of antibiotics, the patients develops thrush of the mouth. In this case thrush is a…
COX-2 Inhibitors increase the risk of...
MI and stroke
A pregnant teen wishes tetracycline for her acne. The nurse tells the teen…
Tetracycline may harm your baby’s teeth and alternatives should be used.
The patient is receiving a 10 day dose course of penicillin. What should you tell the patient?
Complete 10 days of treatment, even if you are feeling better sooner than that.
The difference between aspirin and cox inhibitors is….
Aspirin inhinits cyclooxygenase irreversibly
The nurse is concerned when her patient who is receiving gentamycin reports…
Tinnitus- because this is the first sign of hearing impairment
A feverish patient has been prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic. The nurses priority is to…
Obtain cultures prior to administering medication.
The principle indication for use of non-aspirin NSAIDS is…
In contrast to barbiturates, the benzodiazepines:
Have a built-in limit to the depth of CNS depression that they can produce.
A patient is being treated in the emergency department for barbiturate toxicity. What four symptoms usually occur with barbiturate toxicity?
Pinpoint pupils
Respiratory depression
Aprazolam is prescribed for an adult with panic attacks. This drug works on which neurotransmitter?
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)
A patient has taken a benzodiazepine for 2 years. With which condition is tolerance to the agent likely to develop?
Acetaminophen overdose is treated with what medication?
Acetylcysteine (mucomist)
A patient wakens at 1 AM after only sleeping 2 hours and is now becoming increasingly anxious, and requests a medication that will help him sleep, but not cause a hangover. The likely drug prescribed will be:
Most barbiturates are considered nonselective CNS depressants. THE major exception is:
What is NOT an adverse reaction to morphine?
The only benzodiazepam used to relieve muscle spasm is:
Barbituates should not be used in patients with:
Suicidal tendencies
The patient has had a thyroidectomy and takes tricyclic antidepressants. A possible nursing dx r/t medication interaction is?
Risk for urinary retention
Which benzodiazepine is preferred in the elderly because it is least likely to accumulate with repeated dosing?
After receiving interventions to improve sleep, which of the following indicates that the interventions were effective?
The patient reports an increased sense of feeling rested