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Certain drugs have more than one indication, and dosage may differ depending on which indication the drug is used for. Aspirin is given in low doses to ____________ and in high doses to _____________.
relieve pain / suppress inflammation
Measures to reduce adverse effects of medication administration include _______________, ___________________, and __________________.
identifying high-risk patients through the patient history, ensuring proper administration through patient education, and forewarning patients about activities that might precipitate an adverse effect.
A _________ can be defined as a preexisting condition that significantly increases the risk of an adverse reaction to a particular drug, but not to a degree that is life threatening.
Among geriatric patients, the most common cause for failed self-medication is ________________________________________.
a conviction that the drug was simply not needed in the dosage prescribed.
An adverse effect of atropine is __________.
urinary retention
The trade name for sildenafil is __________________.
What drug was recently withdrawn from the U.S. market for safety reasons because of development of valvular heart disease? ____________________
Dexfenfluramine (Redux)
The first American law to regulate drugs was the _________________________.
Federal Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906
In the early 1960s, thalidomide was widely used by pregnant women and thousands of infants were born with _________________, a rare birth defect characterized by the gross malformation or complete absence of arms or legs.
Under conditions of the Controlled Substance Act, Schedule I drugs ______________________________________________________.
have no medical use in the United States and are deemed to have a high potential for abuse.
Patients taking insulin therapy should be taught that early signs of hypoglycemia include __________ and _____________.
sweating and increased heart rate
94% of an administered drug will be eliminated in_____half-lifes.
__________are the most reliable way to objectively assess drug therapies
Randomized controlled trials
Phase I drug trials are usually conducted in___________, whereas Phase II and III trials are tested in __________________.
healthy volunteers / patients
The _____________ constitutes a description of a drug using the nomenclature of chemistry. The ______________ is assigned by the United States Adopted Names Council and the _____________, ______________, or _________________ are names under which a drug is marketed.
chemical / the generic name / trade name, proprietary, or brand names,
Drugs that can be purchased without a prescription are referred to as __________.
over-the-counter (OTC).