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What are some benefits of estrogen therapy?
-osteoporosis prevention
-Alzheimer's disease prevention
-symptomatic relief of menopause
What are some S/E of estrogen therapy?
-endometrial and breast cancer
-patch: skin reactions
-avoid in patients w/ hx of breast cancer or thromboembolism
What can be used in combo with estrogen to make a complete therapy?
Name some progesterone therapy products?
-medroxyprogesterone (Provera)
-megestrol (Megace)
Name some combo estrogen and progestin products.
What are some side effects of CombiPatch?
may increase risk of thrombosis
What is the deal with Premphase?
2 weeks on and 2 weeks of and can cause menstruation to start again.
What are some other options for for hot flashes that don't involve estrogen therapy?
-SSRIs (Paxil, Prozac, etc)
-Venlafaxine (Effexor)
-Clonidine (Catapress)
What can too much estrogen in OCPs cause?
-breast tenderness
What can too little estrogen in OCPs cause?
-break-thru bleeding
-increased spotting
What can too much progestin cause in OCPs?
-breast tenderness
-mood changes
What can too little progestin cause in OCPs?
-late break through bleeding
What are some side effects of DepoProvera?
-can't use for longer than 2 years because of osteoporosis
-weight gain
-irregular menstruation
What is a side effect with the Ortho Evra patch?
increased risk of DVT
How does Plan B work/ how do you take it?
-1 pill w/in in 72 hrs and the second pill 12 hours later
What is premenstrual syndrome/dysmenorrhea?
painful menstrual cramps that are likely due to prostaglandin imbalance
What are the treatment options for premenstrual syndrome/dysmenorrhea?
-NSAIDs are first line
-OCP for those who want to use them
-nitro patches
-electrical nerve stimulation
What does a class A drug for obstestrics mean?
What does a class B drug for obstestrics mean?
likely safe
What does a class C drug for obstestrics mean?
unknown, benefit of therapy must outweigh risk to fetus
What does a class D drug for obstestrics mean?
known risk to fetus, use only if in dire need
What does a class X drug for obstestrics mean?
known tetatogenic agen, contraindicated in pregnancy
Why do pregnant women need folate?
prevent neural tube defects
What drugs can you use for acute HTN in a pregnant person?
-Mg Sulfate (IV)
-hydralazine (IV, PO)
-methyldopa (IV, PO)
What is a benefit of using Mg Sulfate for acute HTN in pregnant women?
works quickly and you can titrate quickly. Usually a bolus follwed by a continious infusion
Are ACE inhibitors safe in pregnancy?
Are beta blockers safe in pregnancy?
mostly, except for atenolol because it can cause growth retardation
Are CCBs safe in pregnancy?
Yes, especially verapamil
Are thiazide diuretics ok?

Loop diuretics?
-NO must avoid

-may be okay
Are methyldopa and hyralazine okay in pregnancy?
Tell me about misoprostol (Cytotec)
-prostaglandin analog that causes dilation of the cervix and uterine contractions
-PO or vaginally
-can't turn off once you start
Tell me about oxytocin (Pitocin)
-used for induction of labor
-cont. IV fusion
-has to be titrated to wrk
-doesn't work in all women
Tell me about dinoprostone (Cervidil, Prpidil)?
-prostaglandin that dilates the cervix
Is tylenol okay in pregnancy?
Is Tylenol w/ codeine okay?
Is acetaminophen/hydrocodone okay in pregnancy?
Are NSAIDS or COX-2 inhibitors okay in pregnancy?
only on occasion
When must you avoid ASA? (what trimester?)
avoid in 3rd trimester
What is the DOC for diabetic pregnant women?
What diabetic drug is contraindicated in pregnancy?
Can you use Metformin, acarbose, or glitazones in pregnancy?
not known
What depression drugs must you avoid in pregnancy?
Are SSRIs okay in pregnancy?
probably, but avoid Paxil
Are cephalosporins okay in pregnancy?
yes, for the most part, but you MUST avoid Rocephin.
Why must you avoid Rocephin in the last few weeks before delivery in pregnancy?
b/c bilirubin is highly protein bound, ans so it Rocephin and it will push bilirubin off of albumin and cause bilirubin will go into the brain
Tell me about sulfas in pregnancy.
must avoid last few weeks prior to delivery because of bilirubin binding
Is Macrodantik safe in pregnancy?
Are PCNs okay in pregnancy?
Are aminoglycosides okay in pregnancy?
yes, for the most part
Are fluoroquinolones safe in pregnancy?
Are tetracyxline okay in pregnancy?
Are inhaled steroids okay in pregnancy?
Is cromolyn/Intal okay in pregnancy?
Are inhaled B-2 agonists okay in pregnancy?
Are ipratropium/Atrovent okay in pregnancy?
Are oral steroids okay in pregnancy?
How do you treat N/V and other GI issues in pregnancy?
-small, frequent meals
-Compazine, Phenergan, Reglan
Are PPIs okay in pregnancy??
don't know, but DON't use
Tell me about the treatment of Allergies, Cough, and cold in pregnancy/
-topic or local therapy is best
-can use decongestants
-antihistamines are okay for the most part
-avoid Nyquil
Tell me about Vaccines, Biologicals, Etc in pregnancy.
-no live viruses
-hepatitis is okay
-immunoglobulins are okay
-RhoGam is okay
When are androgens given?
-for men who don't produce enough testosterone (andropause)
What are some forms of testosterone that can be given?

Name an anabolic steroid.
methyltestosterone/ Android
How does finasteride/Proscar work?
inhibits production of 5-alpha testoserone
-how it works
-Hormone Antagonist
-testosterone receptor antagonist used for prostate cancer to slow down tubor growth
-how it works
-testosterone receptor antagonist used for prostate cancer to slow down tubor growth
-how it works
-estrogen receptor antagonist
-used on occasion for breast cancer, but other tisssues it acts as an estrogen
What are some risk associated with tamoxifen?
-increase risk of uterine cancer
-increase risk of thrombosis
-causes hot flashes
How do bisphosphonates work?
inhibit osteoclast-mediated bone resorption (non hormonal)
Name 2 bisphosphonates.

How do calcitonin drugs work to prevent osteoporosis?
inhibit oseoclast-mediated bone resorption
Who are calcitonins good for?
-spinal fractures
-thoughs who don't respond to bisphosphonates
How is the calcitonin Miacalcin/Calcimar given?
How is the calcitonin Miacalcin Nasal given?
nasal spray
What are some forms of calcium carbonate?
Tell me about the use of calcium citrate/Citrical?
-use when pts is on acid supressing therapy but will have to take more of than if taking tums
Tell me about calcium phosphate/Posture
Lyle thinks it is dumb because it is stone and doesn't disolve
How does raloxifene/Evista wokr?
-may stimulate osteoblasts and inhibit oseoclasts

-estrogen antagonist in some tissues and agonist in other tissues
What are some S/E with raloxifene/Evista?
-can cause hot flashes

-DOESN"T increase risk of cancer or thrombosis
What is the only osteoporosis med that increases bone mass?
How does Teriparatide/Forteo work?
-parathyroid hormone fragment that stimulates osteoblast activity

-increases Gi absorption of Ca

-increases renal reabsorption of Ca
What is levothyroxine/Synthroid used for?
If you are young, what is the dose of levothyroxine/synthroid you can give?
100-150 mcg per day
If you are elderly or frail, what is the dose of levothyroxine/synthroid you can give?
start w/ 25-50 mcg per day and titrate to effect or toxicity
What are some S/E of levothyroxine/synthroid?
-heat intolerance
-weight loss
-thin skin
-loose stool
T4 TSH Dose
normal normal 1?
low high 2?
normal normal/low 3?
high any 4?
Name some thyroid antagonist.
-methimazole (Tapazole)

-propylthioruacil (PTU)
-how it works
-thyroid antagonist
-inhibits iodination of thyroxin precursors
-how it works
-thyroid antagonist
-blocks conversion of T4 to T3 peripherally
What are some side effects of thyroid antagonist?

-delay 4-8 weeks in onset of effects (7 +/- day half-life of T4)
Tell me about radiactive iodine (I-131)
-only goes to thyroid
-step for non-surgical patient
-can develop hypothyroidism from it
Tell me about plain iodine (negative feedback)
-supresses pituitary b/c of negative feedback loop
-doesn't always work
What are some causes of diabetes insipidus?
-drugs (Li, democlocycline)
-head trauma
-renal insensitivity
What drug can you use to treat CDI?
What are some causes of SIADH?
-carbamazepine (Tegretol)
-SSRI antidepressants
-some cancers (lung)
What drug can treat SIADH?

How does it work?

-antagonist ADH @ receptor