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BP compensation pharmacological interventions:
vasoconstrictors (norepi) and cardiotonic agents (dopa)
_________ via normal homeostatic response includes increased aldosterone and ADH.
BV compensation
BV compensation pharmacological interventions:
Whole-blood, crystalloids (5% dextrose/H2O), colloids (albumin)
Colloids cannot enter ____ like crystalloids can.
Maintains plasma osmotic pressure, transports substances thru blood.
MOA of colloids
Primary use of colloids.
Restoration of plasma volume and blood proteins
Plasmanate, dextrans, serum albumin. They expand plasma volume and maintain blood pressure. What type of fluids are these?
NS, LR, plasmalyte, hypertonic saline. Have concentrations of lytes resembling those of plasma
Crystalloid MOA:
Can readily leave blood and enter cells to expand blood and cell volume
Primary use of crystalloids is to ______ fluids that have been lost and to promote _____:
Replace; u/o
Adverse effects of vasoconstrictors;sympathomimetics:
tachycardia and hypertension
MOA: strongly activate alpha-adrenergic receptor to increase bp; increase cardiac contractility via beta-receptors (positive inotropic effect)
Vasoconstrictors/sympathomimetics (norepi)
Primary use is to tx hypovolemic and cardiogenic shock. Adverse effects of arrhythmias, HTN, and gangrene.
Inotropic agents
Inotropic agents prototype drugs.
Dopamine, dig, dobuta
MOA of inotropic agents: increase intracellular ______ and strength of _____ which leads to increased CO.
Ca; cardiac contraction
Low dose dopa; dopaminergic effect, 'renal dose'
2-5 mcg/kg /min
High dose dopa; B-adrenergic effect, increase CO/BP
5-10 mcg/kg/min
Extremely high dose; 'pressor dose'
10-20 mcg/kg/min
Constriction of BSM, decreased CO, VD, and increased leakage from BV all occur during:
Adverse effects of epi.
HTN, arrhythmias
MOA: use as nonselective adrenergic agonist --> vasoconstriction and increased cardiac contractility. Use in anaphylaxis.