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"Generally adults who respond better to OTC Cough & Cold products better than young children" True or False?
What are the common misconceptions about OTC use?
1) C&C medications CUREs the common cold

2) Acetaminophen CURES/TREATS the common cold

What did the results of the study about Parent's knowledge of OTC use show?
There was confusion about the Generic and Brand Names of drugs.

Only 30% of the parents gave accurate and correct dose after being asked to measure it out.

What is the American Academy of Paediatrics' recommendations for Cough and Cold in children?
Should be treated with fluids and increased humidity and the pharmacological suppression of cough may be harmful.

Education of parents about the lack of proven efficacy and potential risks is needed.

What is Health Canada's recommendations for Cough and Cold in children?
No cough and cold OTC products for kids<6 year olds except anti-pyretics.

Products intended for kids 6-12 yrs old requires enhanced labelling and safety requirements.

What factors are associated with fatalities in cough and cold in children?
1) Age <2 yrs old

2) Use of medications for sedation

3) Use in daycare setting

4) >= 2 medications with the same ingredient

5) Failure to use measuring devices

6) Product misidentification

7) Use of products intended for adults

What are the therapeutic concerns with Pseudoephedrine as a decongestant in kids?
Generally there is a higher rate of incidence of ADRs in young infants and little is known about the clearance/metabolism
What are the reported ADRs of Pseudoephedrine in kids?
1) Irritability

2) Restlessness

3) Lethargy

4) Dystonic Reactions (reversible extrapyramidal effects)

5) Changes in BP

6) Headache

7) Seizures

8) Visual Hallucinations

"Acute Psychotic Reactions were reported in children <6 years old taking Pseudoephedrine" True or False?
What are the therapeutic concerns with Dextromethorphan as an Antitussive in kids?
PK data in kids is lacking and there are no well controlled studies that have been documented safety and efficacy in children
What are the therapeutic concerns with Guaifenesin as an expectorant in kids?
No data for use in kids
What are the therapeutic concerns with Antihistamines in kids?
Sedation could mask the symptoms.

Paradoxical reactions are common (more excited rather then sedated)

What were the results of the study on DM, DP and placebo in children?
Neither DP nor DM was superior to placebo for any outcome.

All of the outcomes were significantly better on the 2nd night whether kids received meds or placebo.

DM groups reported more Insomnia.

DP group reported more drowsiness.

"There have been no deaths in infants due to Pesudoephedrine overdose" True or False?
False; there have been 3 deaths of 3 infants <6 months of age
What is the summary of meta-analysis of Cough and Cold products for viral cough?
There is no evidence for the use of OTC's when comparing cough frequency and severity or physician assessments.

Data may be associated with medication errors and adverse effects.

What is the evidence of Homeopathic Remedies for cough and cold in kids?
What is the evidence for the use of Zinc with cough and cold in kids?
Generally Zinc within 24 hours of onset there is reduced duration and severity of cold. But there is generally a higher incidence of SE in children than in adults.

Therefore the use of zinc in children is not recommended.

What advice should you give to parents about Fluid intake for cough and cod in kids?
Consumption of fluids during an illness with cough and cold is considered the mainstay of treatment in children. Increasing hydration will soften secretions.
What are the concerns with VapoRub with kids?
There was an incidence of an 18 month baby was sent to ER due to Vaporub being placed direcly under the nose. This is because it stimulated mucin secretion and buildup
"Vaporizers and Humidfiers are effective for symptomatic relief of Cough and Cold" True or False?
"Vaporizers and Humifidiers are recommended for treatment of cough and cold" True or False?
How does a Vaporizer work?
It uses water to make steam
How does a Humidifier work?
It uses water to create a cool mist
What is the difference between "cool mist" and "ultrasonic" humidifiers?
Cool Mist: Makes water vapor by turning water through a disk in the water tank

Ultrasonic: Ultrasonic vibrations in the water will breakup and dispense water to create vapor

What are the advantages of Vaporizers?
Heat reduces risk of bacteria growing
What are the disadvantages of Vaporizers?
1) Risks of steam burns

2) Usually cheaper

What are the advantages of Humidifers?
Water is not heated (therefore no risk of burns)
What are the disadvantages of Humidifiers?
1) Creates a breeding ground for bacteria/mold sent into the air

2) must be cleaned frequently to minimize the risk of bacteria/mold in the tank

How do you properly maintain a Vaporizer or a Humidifier?
1) Need to change the water each day. Clean with soap and water, rinsing well before the next use. Dry well

2) There should NOT be condensation on the window from the humidifier or vaporizer

Why is Dextromethorphan a drug of abuse?
Because it is structurally related to opiate agonists and thus can stimulate euphoric dissociative effects
What are the "DO's" for Cough and Colds in Kids?
1) Fluids, Fluids, Fluids

2) Chicken noodle soup

3) Elevate the head of bed

4) Saline nasal drops

5) Acetaminophen

6) Humidifiers/Vaporizers

What are the "DON'Ts" for Cought and Colds in KidS?
1) Don’t give any Cough and Cold produts to Kids <6 years old