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List the 5 health related fitness components.
Cardiovascular, Strength, Muscular endurance, Flexibility, and body composition.
Define cardiovascular and list the purpose of benefits.
Being able to exercise for long periods of time and measures length of time that heart and lungs can efficiently provide oxygen to muscles.
Define strength and list the purpose and benefits.
Ability of muscle (or muscle groups) to exert a maximal force against resistance one time through a full range of motion.
Define muscular endurance and list the purpose and benefits.
Ability of muscles to exert submaximal forces repeatedly in a period of time. Allows muscles to perform well for a longer period of time.
Define flexibility and define the purpose and benefits.
Allows joints to move through entire range of motion. Benefits are twisting, bending, and reaching without straining joints of muscles.
Define body composition and define the purpose and benefits.
Displays relative body fat amount to lean body mass, which includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.
Give an example of a test to assess cardiovascular fitness.
Mile Run
Give an example of a test to assess strength.
Trifit arm curl or right-angles push-ups.
Give an example of a test to assess muscular endurance.
1 minute sit-up test.
Give an example of a test to assess flexibility.
Sit and Reach
Give an example of a test to assess body composition.
Underwater weighting, electrical impedance, skin.
List the 6 skill related fitness components.
Agility, Balance, Coordination, Power, Reaction time, and speed.
Define agility.
Changing position of body quickly and controlling body's movements.
Define balance.
Ability to keep upright posture while standing still or moving.
Define coordination.
Using 2 or more body parts together and using senses with other body parts together.
Define power.
Involving strength and speed; the ability to do quick strength performances.
Define reaction time.
Time taken to move once it is realized action is needed.
Define speed.
Being able to perform movement or cover distance in a short time period.
What is the agility test?
What is the balance test?
Cone Jump
What is the coordination test?
Jumping rope and cone jump.
What is the power test?
Vertical jump or cone jump.
What is the reaction time test?
10 yard burst.
What is the speed test?
40 yard dash.
Define and explain the FIT formula as used for aerobic exercise.
What is the purpose of stretching?
Stretching increases flexibility, stretches muscles and ligaments, decreases injury, and prevents soreness, strained ligaments, and muscle tears.
What is the purpose of warmign up?
Warming up raises sweat, gradually engages cardiorespiratory system to moderate degree, increases blood flow to working skeletal muscles, and raises heart rate.