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Command of English
duple minor, proper longways
Peter Stix 5/17/94
A1 First corners (#1 lead & #2
follow) see-saw;
Second corners allmnd rt 1.5
A2 Partners balance and swing,
end facing down the hall
B1 Couples fold in to go down
the hall 2X2 with 2's in the
Turn as couples, return, face
B2 Partners allemand Lt .75
(could be long wave), then
first corners complete a half
orbit* while second corners
allemande Rt 1.5, partners
allemande Lt .75

*Half orbit: first corners trade place by walking forward halfway around the allemanding second corners
duple minor, improper longways
Peter Stix 9/28/95
A1 Neighbors do-si-do and swing
(Alt.- n's balance and swing
A2 Long lines forward and back;
Women do-si-do 1.5
B1 Partners balalnce and swing
B2 Women chain; star Lt
(Alt- long lones f & b, circle LT .75 and pass thru up or down
The Eyeful Tour
duple minor, improper, double progression longways contra
Peter Stix 9/28/95

*inspired by Donna McAllister's Awesome Double Progression Dance
A1 1's split 2's with mirror gypsy
2's swing (all face neighbor)
A2 Circle Lt; Nbr's do-si-do 1.5
B1 New neighbors balance and
B2 Long lines forward and back
1's swing (all face next nbr)
Falcon Ridge Drift
duple minor, improper longways
Peter Stix 7/25/94

* inspired by the long ago sloping floor at the Falcon Ridge Festival
A1 With hands, weave up or
down, then back*
A2 Men pull across by the lefft
and partners swing
B1 Men allemande left 1.5;
Neighbors swing
B2 Women chain;;
Circle left .75 and pas thru
up or down

*Weave up or down, using hands; Neighbors pull past by the right, next neighbors (#3) pull past by the left, next-next neighbors allemand right, next neighbors (#3) pull past by the left, original neighbors allemande right till the men face across. it may be useful to remind dancers that while waiting out, they may be expected to participate in the grand chain.