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Childhood is meant to be about eating mud pies, being

annoying an just being a kid in


Childhood is not about getting your eyebrows and legs waxed for a competition it is about

enjoying your time as a child not spending every hour of your life getting ready for a


That is why I think beauty

pageants should be banned for children under the age of 14

In my first a argument I think beauty pageants will lower

children's self esteem or they might be bullied for the way they look.

Children and parents need to

understand that they look

pretty without the cake face

makeup, fake tan, and 1000

dollar dresses.

In my second argument parents might be forcing there children to do a beauty pageant so that it makes them look good.

Parents might also have an

addiction to

something and so they force there child into a beauty pageant so that they can get money for there addiction.

In my last argument, children could be getting harmed getting ready for a pageant. For example there was a parent who took her 8 year old daughter to get her eyebrows waxed.
You are an adult a lot longer you are a kid. So why put your kid through this torture?

In conclusion childhood is for learning, joy, fun, memories and even getting dirty. None of these happen on a beauty pageant stage.