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According to the text, personality theorists

develop, test, and apply their theories in three complementary orientations, in which they act as philosophers


To be meaningful, a philosophical assumption should have some bearing on our view of reality. In other words, it should be


If a personality theory is riddled with

inconsistencies and contradictions, it is most likely to be criticized as


The study of personality stems from two different approaches. What are these?

academic psychology and clinical practice

Thomas Kuhn suggests that scientific activity is

based on a paradigm that existed before the scientific activity took place

Imaginary, or hypothetical, concepts that are

invoked by scientists are called

scientific constructs

What is an operational definition?

A specification of the behaviors included in a concept

The word therapy comes from a Greek term, the literal meaning of which is

"attending" and "healing"

Philosophical statements are ultimately tested by

their compellingness

Historically, formal discussion of theories of

personality have been dominated by a(n)

Western focus

What is an objective personality test that is made up of over 550 self-report items to which that participant answers "true," "false," or

"cannot say"?

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)

In evaluating the usefulness of an assessment technique, the most important factor to consider is the test's


People of ______ have engaged in scholarly

efforts to understand themselves by

constructing theories of personality

all cultures

Because they refer to an extraordinary vision, philosophical statements are said to be


Of the following philosophical assumptions, which one concerns a person's ability to

control his own behavior and understand the motives behind it?

Freedom versus determinism