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what makes me happy
receiving friends at home for a weekend.
what I like to buy
I like to buy ....
what I like to do in the winter
in winter I like to do ... and go to .....
my favourite place in my house
the living room
the month I prefer.. because...
October because it is my birthday.
what I like to do best
I enjoy most going out swimming
my favourite flower
my favourite type of clothes
jeans and t-shirt
my zodiac sign
my favourite animal
the jaguar
my favourite actress
Julia Roberts
what I want to become one day
nurse in a hospital
my favourite singer
Britney Spears
what I want to become one day
nurse in a hospital
what I am good at in school
calculating in mathematics
my favourite place
it is on the beach
who my best friend is
Stéphanie Tremblay
my favourite type of food
my favourite musical group
the Beatles
my best souvenir
when I first went on a plane
my favourite actor
Tom Cruise
my favourite tv show
The Price is Right
what makes me angry
when my brother sneeks in my personal belongings.
my name
I am ...
what I like to do in the summer
In the summer I enjoy playing... and going ....
the colour I like best ...... because...
blue, because
the place I last visited on a trip
Jamaica and Dominican Republic
what I like to read
Harry Potter books
the movie I liked the most
How the Grinch stole Christmas
my favourite subject at school