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what are the basic components of all human reflex arcs? (in order)
1. receptor
2. sensory neuron
3. integration center
4. motor neuron
5. effector
muscle spindle
stretch receptor in skeletal muscle
if you stimulate gama motor fivers and they contract, what does it do to the muscle spindle?
it desensitizes it
intrafusal fibers
stretch when muscle stretches- sensory nerve fiber wrapped around
deep tendon reflex
ex. patellar tendon reflex
- golgi tendon organ- sense stretch in tendons - 2 fibers sends info to spinal cord
1. fires on hamstring (contracts)
2. fires on quadricep (relaxes)

overrides muscle spindle reflex
the crossed extensor reflex
sensory neuron activity
synapses on interneuron
1 tri, 1 bi
inhibits triceps and stimulates biceps
on other side it does the opposite
visceral reflexes
ex. fat in intestines- bile release
where does sympatheric nervous system info travel on the spine?
where does parasympathetic info travel?
CN 3, 7, 9, 10
acetylcholine is released by the __________ nervous system
epinephrine and norepinephrine are released by the _________ n.s.
sympathetic nervous system
fight or flight
parasympathetic ns
resting or digesting
cholinergic receptors

adrenergic receptors
b1, b2, b3

alpha 1 and 2
why is there referred pain?
bc visceral and dermatone fibers are fused
highest heriarchy of motor control
cerebellum and basal and nuclei

programs and instructions modified by feedback
middle hierarchy of motor control
motor cortex (pyramidal system) and brain stem nucleii
lowest level of hierarchy of motor control
spinal cord