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Perception-Reaction (P-R) Time

Time elapsed between detection of a hazard and the reaction implementations


Perception - Interpret hazard

Intellect - decide on correct decision

Emotion - may alter response

Volition - acting on decision made

Perception time

t(1) - t(0)

Time realizing the hazard ( registration of object - object becomes visible)

Intellect emotion Time

t(2) - t(1)

decision - realization

Volition Time

t(3) - t(2)

Driver implements - driver decides


t(3) - t(0)

PIEV = PDA Time is dependant on

Complexity of situation

Whether situation is novel or familiar

Stimulus expected or not

Strength of stimulus

Road Design Solutions

Perception - Grab Drivers Attention

Decision - simplify the driver options for decisions

Action - reinforce consistency and eliminate surprises in the road infrastructure