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is educational gymnastics appropriate for elementary students
- yes, b/c children work at their own level to develop understanding and skill
educational gymnastics (defn)
- implies the child is most important, as opposed to the activity or movement skill
why can't elementary students participate in modern rhythmic gymnastics?
-b/c of the complexity
artistic gymnastics
a. functional, little expressive
b. educational, but performance based
c. competitive
d. product orientated
e. teacher/coach determines skills
f. alone
g. females (4 events)males (6 events)
h. no small equipment
i. apparatus standardized
3 variations of gymnastic forms
a. educational gymnastics
b. artistic gymnastics
c. modern rhythmic gymnastics
educational gymnastics
a. functional
b. educational
c. noncompetitive
d. process-orientated
e. teacher/student determine skills
f. alone/small groups
g. male and female
h. small equipment
i. apparatus is not standardized
-swinging as high as possible, or going around fast
where did modern gymnastics originate?
-in europe spread to private studios in NA
modern rhythmic gymnastics
a. functional, little expressive
b. educational, but performance orientated
c. competitive
d. teacher or coach determined skills
e. alone, small or large groups
f. only females
g. small equipment
h. no apparatus
modern rhythmic gymnastics (defn)
=elements from dance and games are used to create a floor routine in which a ball, rope, hoop, ribbon, or club is manipulated in time to music
through which ways is body awareness heightened?
why is artistic gymnastics inappropriate for elementary students?
-b/c is is judged upon the movement product rather than the process
what is an infant's first gymanastic skill
what is the major objective of gymnastics?
-body control, both on the floor and aparatus
gymnastics (defn)
=the focus being how and where the body moves in relation to the floor and obstacles
artistic gymnastics (defn)
-a high degree of proficiency in established movement skill is developed by determining routines on set pieces of apparatus