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The types of services provided by audiologists and speech-language pathologists are described in ASHA’s Scope of Practice documents- T/F
Caregiver-infant interactions important to language development include
a)joint action
b) joint reference
c) baby talk
d) A and B
A and B
The word “make” has two vowel sounds. T/F
The word “jumping” has free and bound morphemes T/F
The articulatory system
a) shapes air stream into sph sounds
b) privides the essential air supply
c)generates the sound
d) acts as a resonator
e) A and D
A and D
The vocal picth of men is generally lower than the vocal picth of women because
male vocal folds are larger and vibrate slower
The mobile articulators include all except
The expiration phase of respiration is longer for sph than for quiet breathing. T/F
Julie is 6 yrs old and has lost her upper central incisors. Which sounds may be difficult for her to produce?
Identify the 3 anatomical systems involved in sph production
Describe the place and manner characteristics for /b, t, and s/
/b/ bilabial, stop
/t/ alveolar ridge, plosive
/s/ alveolar ridge, fricative
Comm problems cross all age, racial, gender and socioeconomic lines. T/F
The 3 components of language include
form, content, use
morphology is defined as
rules that govern the internal organization of words
syntax is as aspect of
language form
Which of the following is the primary evidence needed to support testing for the purpose of identification?
Sensitivity and specificity
Which of the following is NOT a form of evidence-based validity?
Content validity
you have a large budget for the implementation of an early identification treatment program. What will you focus on when choosing a test to determine who receives your treatment?
High sensitivity
effective treatments in early stages of of disease company testing, severe side effects for people that do NOT have the disease=test that detects early signs for disease
focus on high specificity
Level of EBP
I- randomized well controlled study
2-multiple base line
3-non experimental research
4- anecdotal reports, case study
Sensitivity is the rate at which disordered cases are correctly identified as disordered T/F
odd ratios express likelihood that individual is normal or impaired
test efficacy
maintaining patient confidentiality
ebp refers to
application of research to clinical decision making, clinical expertise to clinical decision making, clinical experience to clinical decision making
eat meat or not
nominal data
anecdote, cost minimization, expert opinion, press cutting
use of research literature
What should you do if you can’t find any direct evidence to support or refute an effective treatment you are using
look for indirect evidence
If a test is valid it can be used for any purpose
It is possible to identity therapy goals from performance on test items
Test is biased if norms contain children w/ disabilities
SEM can be used to demonstrate when true change in test scores has occurred
When standard deviation of normative sample is small and reliability is high
Test-retest reliability expresses
how similar a child’s score will be if tested on 2 occasions w/ same test
Statistically significant score diffs for normal and clinical groups is evidence that
A test can be used to identity clinical groups
Age scores should never be used
Percentile scores indicate percent of items child passed
Z-scores have a mean of 0 and a SD of +/-1
Important to have clear directions for administering a criterion referenced test but not for a norm-referenced test-
Membership to NSSLHA restricted to grad students
Basement effect occurs when:
Normal kids answer correctly so few test items disordered kids can’t score lower than normal
Strong concurrent validity is evidence that-
Test can be used along w/ other tests to make diagnostic decision
A test can be biased or unbiased
Comfortable standard for determining if reliability is adequate for speech-language test
Several important factors you, as a clinician need to consider after determined test is valid for purpose is NOT
face validity
Based on normal distribution a child whose score was 62 would fall _________ sd deviations -______(below) the mean
Development of communication begins at birth
VF vibrate at rate above 8000 Hz produce sounds
w/ a high pitch