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what is Development?
an increaese in capability or function, its more complex concept, and its a CONTINOUS, ORDERLY series of conditions that leads to new activities; and eventually patterns of behavior.
a baby should be able to hold himself sitting up by how many months?
8 months
by what age do girls begins to display secondary sex characteristics? and boys?
girls at 10, boys at 12
what is differentiation?
development from simple to more complex activities and functions
what is a "critical period"?
a time when a child is esspecially responsive to certain environmental effects; aka sensitive periods
when does the posterior fontanel close?
2 to 3 months
when does the anterior fontantel close?
12 to 18 months
what are the 5 main reflexes present at birth?
moro, tonic neck (fencing position), grasp, rooting, babinski
what is the moro reflex?
startle reflex, elicited by loud noise or sudden change in position
what is tonic neck reflex?
when the baby lies supine the head is turned to one side, the infant will assume a fencing position, and will adjust accordingly if you turn his head to the other side
what is the grasping reflex?
infants hands and feet will grasp when hands or feet are stimulated.
what is the rooting reflex?
elicited when side of mouth is touched causing the infant to turn to that side- "seeking"