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time concept of man. skills
-timing of object release/catch
-speed of action
spatial concepts in manipulative skills
-judge distances, height or size of target, pathways, levels
body parts in manipulative skills
hands and feet
(used to block, pick up or throw)
problem with time concept in man. skills
coordination include mistiming actions
effort concepts in manipulative skills
weight-strength to send,recieve, travel with object
time-contact, release, speed of object
flow-stop, continuity, control
progressions for developing cooperative and competitive skills
stage 1: alone
-alone, alone in group, 1 vs. group
stage 2: in pairs
-with a partner, 1 vs.1
stage 3: in threes
-group, 2 vs. 1
stage 4: in fours
-3 vs. 1
-2 vs. 2
stage 5: in sixes
-3 vs. 3
stage 6: in eights
-4 vs. 4
stage 7: in tens
-5 vs. 5
body concepts in manipulative skills
activities-send, recieve, travel with object
shapes- aware during activity
parts- aware during activity
implements-bats, sticks
objects- beanbag, ball, frisbee
relationship concepts in manipulative skills
-to team members, opposition, implements, to targets
weight concepts of man.skills
-variations of strength needed to control objects