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Happy when warm and full

must be imobilized
priciple stress factors: pain, seperation, immobilization
6 mo's to 3 years
fear of unknown, explanation important, bandaids important
3-5 years
Experiences and looks for lies, honesty best policy 7-8 years old must not be forced.
school age
Only in life threatening situations should they be forced
very modest (pregnancy)
talk on the patients level, parents and attendants may be necessary
Sedation: used on rare occasions
Mental Retardation
For immediate danger when doing pediatrics what should you do?
What should you do for delayed dangers when examining children?
Shield, collimate, lowest possible mAs,
What are Latent Somatic Effects?
Effects that occur years later including leukemia
What is most at risk for Latent effects?
Thyroid and bone marrow
below normal body temperature for premature infants?
congenital defect characterized by cystic protrusion of meningest as a result of spina bifida
congenital defect resembles enormous umbilical hernia
brittle bones
osteogenesis imperfecta
use of sheets to immobilize
mummy "bunny" technique
brittle bones
osteogenesis imperfecta
for congenital clubfoot
Kite position
Ap of wrists or knees to check epiphysis
Bone age
Fractures through epiphysis are called what?
Salter Harris type fractures
One of the most dangerous causes of acute airway obstruction in children and should be treated as an emergency.
Cause of epiglottitis?
Haemophilus influenza
Chest immobilization device
lateral rotatory curvature of the spine
What do you need for scoliosis?
Right and Left bending films