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Stages of neonatal hematopoiesis
Mesoblastic, Hepatic, Myeloid
Mesoblastic hematopoiesis
Yolk sac- primitive erythroblasts
Center for hematopoiesis during 3rd and 4th month
When do leukocytes make an appearance?
After week 9 of gestation
Major site of hematopoiesis in 4th and 5th month
Myeloid- bone marrow
Red marrow
Hematopoietically active bone marrow
Yellow marrow
Fatty inactive marrow
Premature newborn hematopoiesis
Foci of hematopoiesis is seen in liver, spleen, lymph nodes or thymus
Pediatric developmental stages: infancy
First year of life
Pediatric developmental stages: first four weeks of life
Pediatric developmental stages: childhood
Age 1 thru puberty
Full term infant
37-42 weeks of gestation
Preterm or premature micropreemies
24-26 weeks
Post term gestational age
>42 weeks
Birth weight: small
<2500 g
Birth weight: very low
<1500 g
Birth weight: extremely low
< 500 g
Birth weight: large
> 4000 g
Red blood cell count- premature infants
NRBCs 25/100 WBCs
Increase in dystrophic erythrocytes
Red blood cell count- full term infants
Macrocytic RBC- orthochromic normoblasts 3-10/100 WBCs

Bioconcave discs relative to stomatocytes
Red blood cell count- 5-8 wks of life
Physiologic anemia
Red blood cell count- first 24 hours of life
Increases and remains at this level for 2 weeks. Polycythemia of the Newborn, I utero hypoxia