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Step 1
Picks up gown and unfolds
Step 2
Facing the back opening of the gown places arms through each sleeve
Step 3
Fastens the neck opening
Step 4
Secures goen at waist making sure that back of clothing is covered by gown (as much as possible)
Step 5
Puts on gloves
Step 6
Cuffs of gloves overlap cuffs of gown
Step 7
With one gloved hand, grasps the other glove at the palm, pulls glove off
Step 8
Slips fingers from ungloved hand underneath cuff of rremaining glove at wrist, and removes glove turning it inside out as it is removed
Step 9
Disposes of gloves into designated waste container without contaminating self
Step 10
After removing gloves, unfastens gown at neck and waist
Step 11
Removes gown without touching outside of gown
Step 12
While removing gown, holds gown away from body, turns gown inward and keeps it inside out
Step 13
Disposes of gown in designated container without contaminating self
Step 14
Washes hands