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attacking without being provoked


intimidating or frightening people weaker than yourself

Conflict resolution

bringing a fight or a struggle to a peaceful conclusion


taking advantage of a weaker group


stopping blaming someone and pardoning them for what they have done wrong

Just war

a war which is fought for the right reasons in the right way


the belief that all disputes should be settled by peaceful means


bringing together people who were opposed to each other


treating a person or their feelings with consideration

The UN

an international body set up to promote world peace and cooperation

Weapons of mass destruction
weapons which can destroy large areas and numbers of people
World peace

the ending of war throughout the whole world
Describe the just war theory.

-cause is just

-authorised by UN

-intention to bring back peace

-last resort

-reasonable chance of success

-method does not kill civilians

-methods are proportional to cause

Explain the UN and what they do. Are they always successful?

-bring about stable governments (based on democracy and economic development) in conflict areas

-prevent outbreak of conflict

-stabilise conflict situations and bring about a lasting peace agreement

-helps make peace agreements work

-sends a UN peace keeping force

-important for world peace

-imposes sanctions on countries threating world peace

-authorises the use of force by member states

-has not managed to prevent some wars, i.e. in Iraq

Evaluate religious organisations.

-include Christian peacemaker teams and the Muslim peace fellowship

-protests about war to change public opinion and government policy

-organise meetings so that people learn about the horrors of war and vote for political parties working for peace

-organise and attend inter faith conferences to help all religions work together and promote world peace

-work for economic justice and worldwide acceptance of human rights to remove causes of war

-UN is more effective

What are the Islamic attitudes to war?

-no pacifism

-greater jihad: struggle to make you and your society perfectly Muslim

-lesser jihad: fighting in a just war

-Muhammad fought in wars

-The Qur'an says that Muslims must fight if they are attacked

-The Qur'an says that a Muslim who dies in a just war will go straight to heaven

-There are many hadith from Muhammad saying Muslims should fight in just wars

-Some Muslims believe that the nature of modern weapons means that there can be no just war, and so oppose war

Why do wars occur?


-different views on same religion

-one religion treated badly, neighbouring countries from that religion will attack

-religious minority

Nationalism and Ethnicity

-artificially created countries civil wars

-ethnic group wants its own country

-minority groups


-wars over resources

-refugees attacked because of low employment opportunity

Ideology and Political Differences

-fighting for power

-communism and capitalism

Is it possible to end all wars?


-if religions came together

-if there were a federation of states (i.e. a global EU) then political and nationalism wars would end

-fair share of resources


-reasons why wars occur

-there will always be someone unhappy

Evaluate Christian attitudes saying just wars are acceptable.

-Catholics, Baptists

-police protect innocent, armies protect innocent countries

-St Paul said Christians might obey the government

-Jesus did not condemn soldiers, he praised the faith of a roman centurian

Evaluate Christian attitudes against war.

-pacifism, e.g. Quakers

-love your enemies and turn the other cheek when attacked

-Decalogue says do not kill

-innocent people die

-Jesus would not let Peter fight when Jesus was being arrested

-peace can only come when people refuse to fight

-modern wars kill so many they cannot be just

Explain Christian attitudes towards bullying.

-aggression or violence without a just cause is sinful

-should protect the weak and innocent (Good Samaritan)

-No Christian would bully Jesus (parable of the sheep and goats)

-bullying is mistreating God's creations

-protect human rights

-harmful effects on society

Should Christians stand up to bullies?


-reasons why Christians are against bullying


-makes it worse

-more important to help victim

-better to use law

Evaluate Islamic attitudes towards bullying.

-any Muslim who bullies a fellow Muslim is acting against the ummah

-"Every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim", Muhammad

-should defend human rights

-Islamic society is based on respect, bullies have no respect

-violence without a just cause is sinful

-duty to protect weak and innocent

Why may religious conflicts occur within families?

child more religious than parent

-trying to force parents to be more religious

-want a low paid job i.e. minister, or a job where you cannot marry

-criticise parents, i.e. for using contraception

moral decisions




parents religious but child is not

-religion tells parents to bring up children in faith and make sure they keep faith

-without religion children are immoral and will not reach after life

interfaith marriages


-religion of child

-no religious ceremony

Give reasons for and against forgiveness and reconciliation. (Christianity)

-Jesus died on cross to bring forgiveness

-if Christians do not forgive others, they will not be forgiven themselves

-St Paul said Christians should try to live in peace with everyone

-should use forgiveness to end conflicts

-cannot expect to forgive those who hate them

-should fight evil not forgive them

-human, not natural to forgive those who wrong you

Give reasons for and against forgiveness and reconciliation. (Islam)

-God is compassionate to sinners so Muslims should also be forgiving

-How can Muslims ask for God's forgiveness on the last day if they are not prepared to forgive?

-Qur'an says Muslims should forgive those who offend them

-many hadith say Muslims should be forgiving

-should not forgive those who work against Islam