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a spontaneous or elective termination of a pregnancy before the 20th wk gestation.
absence of menses
Braxton Hicks Contractions
contractions of the uterus throughout the pregnancy, more so in the last trimester
Chadwick's sign
Blueish purple discoloration of the cerix, vagina, and labia due to increased vascular congestion
brownish pigmentation of face during pregnancy. AKA the "mask of pregnancy"
breast fluid secreted during pregnancy and the first 2 to 3 days after birth. Contains mostly protein and is most important for the baby to receive.
diastasis recti
separation of rectus abdominis during pregnancy
Goodell's sign
softening of cervix, uterus, and vagina
a woman who has been pregnant regardless of outcome.
an increase in blood
a woman who has been pregnant more than once
a woman who has given birth more than one time at >20 wks gestation.
a woman who has never completed a pregnancy
number of pregnancies who have progressed > than 20 wks. Whether the fetus was born alive or stillborn, not the number of fetuses
physiological anemia of pregnancy
decrease in Hg and hematocrit caused by an increase in plasma volume.
postterm birth
birth after 42 wks gestation
preterm birth
birth given between 20 wks and 38 wks gestation
pregnant for the first time
a woman who has given birth ONCE after 20wks
movements of the fetus felt by the mother
striae gravidarum
stretch marks caused by pregnancy
term birth
birth given between 38 and 42 wks
a division of pregnancy of 13 wks each
: the capacity to live outside the uterus, usually around 22 to 24 weeks since LMP, or greater than 500 grams; in LA, the legal parameters are 20 weeks and 350 grams.
never been pregnant
born dead after 20 weeks
two-digit gravity/parity abbreviation system
: i.e. “I/O” means that a woman is pregnant for the first time (primigravida), and has not carried a pregnancy to viability (nullipara).
; G = gravidity (total number of pregnancies including the present one), T = total number of full term births, P = total number of preterm, A = total number of abortions (spontaneous or elective termination of pregnancy before viability), and L = total number of children currently living.
Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy
1. Amenorrhea
2. Nausea/vomiting
3. Excessive fatigue
4. Urinary frequency
5. Breast and skin changes
6. Vaginal and Cervical color changes (Chadwicks sign)
7. Quickening
Probable Signs of Pregnancy
1. Abdominal Enlargement
2. Goodell’s sign
3. Hegar’s sign
4. Positive pregnancy test
5. Braxton-Hicks contractions
6. Ballottement
Positive Signs of Pregnancy
1. Visualization of fetus
2. Fetal heart sounds
3. Palpable fetal movement