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2-3 weeks

Stongylus vulgaris

6 months

Stongylus endentates

11 months

Stongylus equinus

9 months


1 1/2 - 4 months, longer if the L3 goes hypobiosis

Stephanurus dentatus

(kidney worm)

6-19 months

Syngamus trachea

18 - 21 days

Stomach worms

(ostertagia ostertagia, teladorsagia circumcinta, etc)

21 Days

Haemonchus spp.

23-28 days

Trichostongylus spp.

21-28 Days

Cooperia spp.

15-18 days

Dictyocaulus spp.

3-5 weeks depending on species

Nematodirus spp

3 weeks

Metastongylus spp.

4 weeks

Muelllerus spp.

6-10 weeks

Aelurostrongylus abstrusus

6-12 weeks

Filaroides osleri

10-18 wks

Stongyloides spp.

2-14 days

Toxocara canis

3-10 weeks

Toxocara cati

4-8 weeks

Toxascaris leonine

10-11 weeks

Parascaris equorum

10-12 weeks

Ascaris suum

4-8 weeks

Ascaridia spp. (general)

28d 8 weeks

Keterakis spp

24- 30 days