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When was there a bedbug explosion in NYC?
Describe the classical presentation of a bedbug wound
The wounds are paired. The bedbugs feed at night, move over a few cm, and feed again.
Where do bedbugs live?
They hide in the bed, under the mattress, in the cracked wood of bedframes, behind loose plaster in the walls
What infectious disease do bedbugs carry?
Describe the result of a bedbug bite
A hemorrhagic, itchy lesion that is not life threatening
Bed bug bite
Bed bug bite
When was the west nile virus introduced to NYC?
What transmits West Nile Virus?
Describe the transmission cycle of West Nile Virus
The disease is transmitted between bird reservoir hosts and the mosquito vector

Humans and horses can be infected by the mosquito
Describe the larvae of the WNV mosquito
-The mosquito likes to feed on people
-It can reproduce in polluted water
-Any standing water is a good breeding ground
Describe the spread of WNV
-Introduced to NYC in 1999
-Covered eastern states by 2001
-Covered entire continental US by 2006
What diseases do ticks transmit?
Tick paralysis - ascending paralysis that is relieved almost as soon at the tick is removed
Red Water Fever
Secondary infections
What animal is responsible for the presence of ticks?
White tailed deer
What animal is responsible for the presence of tick borne parasites?
White footed mouse
How is too many deer a public health threat?
-Amplifying host vector tick
-Destroying forests
-Up to 500,000 deer car accidents
-200+ deaths
-$1+ billion in damages
What transmits lyme disease? How big is it?
Nymph tick
The size of a freckle
Adult and nymph tick
Burrowing tick
Bullseye rash of lyme disease
Bullseye rash of Lyme disease
Eastern Dog Tick
The vector for RMSF
Describe the life of the Eastern Dog Tick
Every morning the tick climbs up a blade of grass and sits there and waits. At night if she hasntfound anything she crawls down and waits. The tick can continue this for ~3 years. The tick eventually gets to the host, takes a blood meal, mates, lays eggs, and dies.
What are the vectors for RMSF
Eastern Dog Tick
American Dog Tick
Rocky Mountain Wood Tick
Short mouthparts of a Eastern Dog Tick
Black legged tick
Long mouth piece of black legged tick
Scabies with its 4 pairs of legs
Describe a scabies infection
The female burrows and the male follows her

They mate and the female lays her eggs in the tunnel

They are found almost exclusively in the webs of the fingers and toes

An immunocompetent person has up to 50 scabies at one time
Typical scabies lesion on the finger
Rash on the torso as a result of scabies in the periphery
-Norwegian scabies
-Occurs in immunocompromised individuals
-Uncontrolled scabies population
-Treat with ivermectum
Scabies infection of the foot
What are the types of lice that can be found on the human body?
Head lice - Lives on the head at all times

Body lice - Live in clothes, go onto person to feed then return to clothes

Crab lice - It occurs on pubic hairs and sometimes on eyebrows and eyelashes.
What diseases do lice transmit?
Body lice transmit epidemic typhus
What is the life cycle of the head louse?
Eggs in the hair hatch
Nymphs emerge
Nymphs grow to Adult
Adult lays eggs
Lice holding onto a hair of the head
Lice egg attached to hair shaft
There is a larvae inside
Lice bites on the back of someones neck
Lice bites on the back of the neck. Each biteelicits an immunologic response to the saliva that the louse is injecting into the skin.
Lice bites

There is so much of a reaction that there is an exudate on the back of the neck and the hair is all stuck and matted together. This is called plica polonica. This has been a problem in Eastern Europe. You can treat head lice with many different types of OTC drugs. Ivermectum also works on these creatures.
Crab louse
Crab louse eggs
Describe bubonic plague
-Flea borne disease
-Before an epidemic a bunch of rats die
-Bacteria are located in fleas gut tract
-Prevent flea from feeding
-Flea tries to feed but regurgitates bacteria into you
Oriental rat flea
Vector for bubonic plague
Flea bites
Describe the life cycle of the flea
-The adult lays eggs, which fall into the nest of the dog or a raccoon.
-You get larva which look like maggots and then you get pupa.
-One of the characteristics of pupa is that it can lay there for up to a year.
-If you have a dog with a lot of fleas, which lay a lot of eggs, and you go away.
-The eggs can hatch and the larva can feed on the debris in the nest. The pupa form and they wait to the next spring.
-They sense the vibrations of the person walking around, they hatch and you have a lot of very hungry fleas waiting to hop on someone.
Describe fire ant bites/stings
They tend to grab with their pinchers and then rotate in a circle stinging multiple times

Each time it injects a very potent toxin
Fire ant blisters
Healing fire ant blisters
What bee stings the most?
Yellow jacket
Bee barb
Bee disembowels itself after a sting
Hornet sting
Developing maggot from tumbu fly
Spots from tumbu fly
Each one is a developing maggot
How do you treat tumbu fly maggots?
Squeeze them out
Human bot fly
How do botflies cause infection?
-They grab little flies
-Put eggs on little fly/mosquito's abdomen
-Little fly lands on person
-Eggs immediately hatch and burrow in
-Tend to grow on legs and back
How do you treat botfly infection?
Surgical removal
Describe maggot therapy
-Maggots are used to prevent gangrene
-Special maggots are bred that only eat dead, decaying flesh
What determines seriousness of scorpion sting?
The smaller the scorpion the more lethal the sting
Where do black widow spiders live?
Wood piles
Black widow spider
Black widow spider bite
Brown recluse spider
Result of the bite of a brown recluse on the finger
What is the other name for the brown recluse?
The violin spider because it has a violin on its back