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What is a Paralegal? Are the terms Paralegal and legal assistant interchangeable?
Person qualified by training and education whom is retained by a lawyer or law office who performs legal work. Yes they are interchangeable according to this book.
List some tasks that a paralegal does.
Conducts client interviews, Conducts legal investigations, conducts legal research, attends legal proceedings, drafts legal docs, tracks important deadlines.
What are the educational
options for paralegals?
Two years community college, 4 years bachelors, certificate or masters.
What is the difference between a certificate and certification?
A certificate is education while certification is passing a qualified test. CLA, APC or PACE.
What is CLE program? Are Paralegals required to have CLE credits?
Continuing Legal Education. They are according to the state requirements.
Identify skills and attributes that paralegals use on the job.
Analytical, communication, reading, speaking, writing, computer, organizational, listening, interpersonal.
According to your text, what does the future hold for paralegals?
Increase in Jobs about 30% by 2012
Where do paralegals work?
Law firms (large and small), corporations, gov't, legal aids.
What are some possible paralegal specialties?
Litigation, corporate, personal injury, contract, real estate, insurance, employment and labor.
What factors affect paralegal compensation?
Specialty, size of firm, years of exp.
What three steps are involved in career planning?
Define long term goals, short term goals then adjust them to fit lifestyle.
What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt?
Exempt is salary and non-exempt is hourly with overtime.
How do you locate potential paralegal employers?
Networking, Yellow pages, legal directories, internet
What are some job placement services that may be available to you?
career services, internet
How are paralegals regulated?
Indirectly through an attorney, except in california.
How are attorneys regulated?
They are self-regulated by the state, the ABA, state codes and supreme courts.
Who are the regulators?
ABA, US supreme court, Stat supreme courts.
What are the three basic requirements for attorney licensing?
Bachelors, Bar exam, background investigation.
What sanctions are available for attorney violations?
Reprimand, suspension, disbarment and Malpractice
Explain the Duty of competence.
Rule 1.1: lawyer shall provide competent representation to a client. Competent representation required legal knowledge, skill, throughness and preparation reasonably neccessary for representation.
Explain confidentiality of information.
Rule 1.6. Client must be able to confide i his or her attorney so that the attorney can best represent the client's interest.
Explain attorney-client privilege.
requiring that confidential communications between a client and his or her attorneys bet kept confidential, unless the client consents to disclosure.
Explain conflict of interest.
Rules 1.7-1.11 A situation in which two or more duties or interests come into conflict.
Identify the paralegal ethical codes.
1.1 shall achieve and maintain a high level of competence.
1.2 shall maintain a high level of personal and profesional integrity.
1.3 shall maintain a high standard of professional conduct.
1.4 shall serve the public interest by contributing to the improvement of the legal system and the delivery of quality legal services
1.5 shall preserve all confidential information provided by the client or acquired from other sources before, during and after the course of the professional relationship.
1.6 shall avoid conflicts of interest and shall disclose any poossible conflictss to the employer.
1.7 title shall be fully disclosed.
1.8 shall not engage in the unauthorized practice of law.
Explain unauthorized practice of law.
No legal advice, No setting legal fees, no client-attorney relationships, no rep. client before court
What are the three organizational forms that a law firm may take? Describe.
Sole proprietorship, partner,corporations.
What are the various types of personnel that are employed in a law office?
law clerk, staff attorney, associate attorney,office manager, technical staff, legal admin.