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to close, shut
cerrar (ie)
to begin (2)
empezar (ie) comenzer (ie)
to wake up
despertar (ie)
to think
pensar (ie)
to break
quebrar (ie)
to defend
defender (ie)
to descend, go down
descender (ie)
to light; to turn on
encender (ie)
to understand
entender (ie)
to lose
perder (ie)
to want
querer (ie)
to have lunch
almorzar (ue)
to tell, relate
contar (ue) *to count also
to cost
costar (ue)
to find, meet
encontrar (ue)
to show
mostrar (ue)
to try; to taste
probar (ue)
to remember
recordar (ue)
to ring, sound
sonar (ue)
to dream
soñar (ue)
to play
jugar (ue)
to return; give back
devolver (ue)
to mover
mover (ue)
to smell
oler (ue)
to be able, can
poder (ue)
to solve
resolver (ue)
to be used to; accustomed to
soler (ue)
to return, to come back
volver (ue)
to warn, advise
advertir (ie)
to lie
mentir (ie)
to prefer
preferir (ie)
to feel; to be sorry
sentir (ie)
to sleep
dormir (ue)
to die
morir (ue)
to ask for
pedir (i)
to laugh
reír (i)
to repeat
repetir (i)
to follow
seguir (i)
to serve
servir (i)
to smile
sonreír (i)