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As good as gold

well be halved

as light as a feather


Blind as a bat


deaf as a post


As strong as an ox


As thin as a rake


As white as a sheet

White with fear or illness

As red as a beetroot

Very embarrassed

As dry as a bone


Selling like hotcakes

Selling very quickly or in large number

sleep like a log

Sleep very well

Worked like a dream

Was very successful

A mind like sieve

A bad memory

Mind you you or still

Used to add a furniture comment which is usually contrast or surprise but can also be explaination

Incidentally or by the way

Used to change the conversation or different topic

As for

Used to start talking about somebody or something you that is connected with what you were talking about before


Used to introduce an idea that is second choice of possibility

It is true or or I agree

Used to argue with an idea made by the previous speaker but often before disagreeing

Even so or all same or or nevertheless

You send used a counter argument or return to one speaker has already made

As a matter of fact or actually or to be honest or to tell you the truth

Used to say why you really think we're going to do some information which is not what they listen expect to hear

By and large or to large extent or on the whole broadly speaking

Use introduced generalisation

روی هم رفته

In any case or besides or anywhere

You seem to use an additional point I want that is often conclusive or most important

At any rate or or anyway or any how

Used to say that something is true or what something would happen in spite of other things mentioned

به هرحال

As I was saying

Used to return the conversation something you said earlier