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Out of tune

Singing or playing the wrong music notes

In tune

Singing of plain true musical note

Off duty

Not working at a particle or time

On duty

Work on the particle are time

By accident or on purpose

A way that is not planned or organised

In theory

should happen or be true

In practice

Not to say what he happened and what is really true

In working order

Of emotion functioning probably

Out of order

The machine doesn't work

Out of control opp of under control

Impossible to manage or control

In season opp of Out of Season

تایم مر استفاده از چیزی

In luck opp of out of luck


In sight opp of Out of Sight

You can see it

On the phone

By phone or using the phone now

in writing

In the form of leather document

by Return of Post

In the avaible by post

in confidence

موافقت کنن ک به کسی نگن

On your mind

You are thinking and perhaps worrying about

At once or straight away


at length

for a long time and in detail

in the end


By mistake


For cartain or for sure

without doubt

in the way

Stopping somebody from moving or doing something

Out of place

Not suitable for the place

Catch the sun

7 become red or brown because ofsun

laying the table

set table for meal

stretch my leg

Go for a short walk after sitting for some time

catch sbs eye

attract his attention

tell the time

read the time from clock

Make a move

Begin to leave the place where we are

Miss the point

Not all day said the main idea what somebody said

Make up for lost time

Do something quickly or do more than usual because you couldn't do it before

Keep a straight face

Don't laugh or smile even though you find the funny

Pick somebody's brain

As somebody question because you want to find out more about something

Go round in circle

Do or discuss something without making any progress

Give them something a hand with something

help sb with

To be on the go

Be very action on busy

have a thing about sth

Have a strongerliking for or dislike of

stay the night

sleep at some of the house for a night

speak your mind

say exactlu what u thing directly