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Process states

3 states

Typical conditions to terminate a process

4 ways

Posix thread calls

Mutex calls

What does a barrier do?

Prevents threads from moving on until all are done

How to go from virtual address to page number and offset?

And what is 4th and 8kb



Mod for offset and divide for page number

What is a tlb and/or what does it do?

Keeps tabs on the most used page files for quick access

What is second chance algorithm?

Pages sorted first in first out

If a page has not been used it gets another chance and gets pushed to the front

What is raid 1?

It is an exact copy on a second drive.

What is raid 2?

Striping of the data across disks

What is raid 3?

Striping of data at the byte level as in a single file would be separated across multiple disks

Raid 4

Block level striping with a dedicated parity disk

Raid 5

Consists of block level striping with distributed parity

What is a block device?

What is a character device?

What are the three components for an ion device to work?

Cpu bus and memory

How do Io of interrupts take place?