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Epitehlium primarily occurs either on the outside of the body or as a lining of those cavities of the body that communicate with the exterior.

True or False
What are the general functions of epithelial tissue?
Protection, absorption, and secretion
Define Fibrous Connective Tissue:
Tissue with spaces between the cells that are occupied by numerous fibers that makes the tissue tough and capable of withstanding distortions and strains.
What is the loosely wooven (loose connective tissue) that is deep to the skin?
A subcutaneous layer called the superficial fascia. To varying extents there will be modified tissue called Adipose tissue.
What are the 2 specialized types of epithelium found lining closed caviies within the body?
Mesothelium and Endothelium
The cells of the body represent the living portion of the organism, while the intercellular substance represents the nonliving material and owes its existence to the activities of the cells.

True or False?
Collagen Fibers are essentially non elastic, when they occur in places where some deformation must be possible, how are the fibers arranged?
In wavy bundles that allow movement until the slack of those bundles is taken up.
Most biologic tissue is either:
Porous or composite material
Define Mesothelium:
a single-layered squamous epithelium that lines the 4 great cavities of the trunk. Namely, the two pleural cavities surrounding the lungs, the pericardial cavity surrounding the abdominal viscera
Various types of tissue are interwoven to form more complex anatomical and functional units known as:
Organs or organ systems
Fibrous Connective Tissue is the most pervasive type of connective tissue in the body

True or False
When normal connective tissue is in the form of enveloping sheaths it is known as:
Define Endothelium:
Essentially similar mesothelium in appearance, forms the inner lining of the heart, of all the blood vessels, and of the lymphatics.
What are the basic types of epithelium?
Simple - a single-layered
sheet of cells

Stratified - a multi-layered
sheet of cells

Glands - tubular out growth from such sheets
Collagen tissue with or without elastic fibers is the most wide spread of all tisses. It permeates and surrounds practically all the tissues of the body.

True or False
Orthtopedic Surgery is the branch of medicine concerned with:
Restoring and preserving the normal function of the musculoskeletal system.
Define Connective Tissue:
Connective Tissue has cells that are more or less widely dispersed ad separated from each other by nonliving intracellular material.
Cells that occur in groups with component parts some what similar in appearance and function are known as:
Define Elastic Fibers:
the fibers are elastic and may be stretched and when tension is relaxed, they shorten again.
Subctaneous tissue is called the:
Superficial Fascia
What is the most common type of fiber found in connective tissue?
Collagen Fiber
Epithelial tissue occurs most commonly in sheets but is not adapted to cover other tissues.

True or False?

It is adapted especially for covering other tissues.
Define Fibroblasts:
Cells that are responsible for the formation and repair of connective tissue fibers.
Bone has mechanical properties that are influenced markedly by the degree of porosity, defined as the degree of volume that is void in the material. True or False?

for instance the compressive strength of osteoporotic bone, which has increased porosity , is markedly decreased in comparison with the compressive strength of normal bone.
The Endomysium binds muscle fibers loosely together and it also binds one end of the Muscle Fiber to another or to a ligament

True or False?

It will bind one end of a muscle fiber to another or to a Tendon.
Individual muscles are surrounded by a thin fascia called the:
What are Myofibrils?
The contractile elements of muscle fibers
Describe the Dermis:
The connective tissue underlying the skin and composed of densely matted fibers running in all directions. Composed mainly of collagen fibers but there are also some elastic fibers to give the skin some resiliency.
Closely packed longitudinally arranged myofibrils present with alternating light and dark areas

True or False
Tissue deep to the superficial fascia and is very well developed is termed the:
Deep Fascia
A delicate layer of connective tissue directly out side the Sarcolemma is the:
Connective tissue fibers of a fascia within a plane run in many directions and appear interwooven. What is different from fascia compared to tendons and ligaments?
The connective tissue fibers run roughly parallel to one another and are closely packed to form definite cords or bands, specially adapted to resist movement in one direction.
The individual cells of the skeletal muscle which is very threadlike is termed:
Muscle Fiber
Fluid with in the connective tissue allows for movement of one muscle upon another.

True or False
A connective tissue called the _______________ surrounds the entire muscle.
The cell membrane of a muscle fiber is called the:
They are only a fraction of a mm in diameter but can extend up to 5 inches.

True or False?