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What are the 6 categories for describing a lesion?

1) Radiographic description

2) Clinical appearance

3) Soft tissue consistency

4) Color of lesion

5) Size of lesion

6) Surface texture

What are the 8 diagnositc processes?

1) Clinical

2) Radiographic

3) Historical

4) Laboratory

5) Microscopic

6) Surgical

7) Therapeutic

8) Differential

Which of the 8 diagnostic processes is very important?


Name 3 examples of clinical diagnosis

1) Torus palatinus

2) Fordyce granules

3) Geographic tongue

Name 3 examples of radiographic diagnosis

1) Caries

2) Calcified pulp

3) Periapical pathosis

Name an example of a historical diagnosis

Amelogenesis imperfecta or Dentinogenesis imperfecta

What is a historical diagnosis?

Anything that runs in your genes

ex: amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta

What type of diagnosis is a blood test?

Laboratory diagnosis

What is the main component of a definitive diagnosis?


Give an example of a therapeutic diagnosis

Using Peridex for ANUG

Using Zovirax for cold sores

The final diagnosis is called?


Sebaceous glands on the buccal mucosa are called?

Fordyce granules

What is torus palatinus?

A bony growth on the midline of the palate

What is melanin pigmentation?

Pigmented mucosa

What are lingual varicosities?

Enlarged blood vessels on the ventral surfaces of the tongue

The white line on the buccal mucosa as a result of clenching is called?

Linea alba

What is located on the midline of the dorsal of the tongue and may be caused by candida?

Median Rhomboid Glossitis

What is geographic tongue?

Migratory glossitis (devoid of filiform papillae)

Deep grooves in the dorsal surface of the tongue is an indication of what benign condition?

Fissured tongue

Definition of hairy tongue

Elongated filiform papillae and may be associated with smoking

What are the 6 variants of normal we will need to know for BOARDS?

1) Fordyce granules

2) Torus palatinus

3) Mandibular tori

4) Lingual varicosities

5) Linea alba

6) Leukoedema

What are the 3 benign conditions we will need to know for BOARDS?

1) Median Rhomboid Glossitis

2) Fissured tongue

3) Hairy tongue

Name 4 ways that tissues can be damaged

1) Physical

2) Chemical

3) Microorganisms

4) Nutritional

Name 5 natural defenses against injury

1) Skin

2) Saliva

3) Tears

4) Urine

5) Diarrhea

Name 5 localized signs of inflammation

1) Redness (erythema)

2) Heat

3) Swelling

4) Pain

5) Loss of function

Name 3 systemic signs of inflammation

1) Fever

2) Leukocytosis (increase in WBC's)

3) Lymphadenopathy

Name 6 cells involved in the inflammatory response

1) Neutrophils

2) Mast cells

3) Monocytes

4) Lymphocytes

5) Plasma cells

6) Eosinophils

What inflammatory response cell is involved in phagocytosis?


What percentage of white blood cells are neutrophils?


What type of cell is involved in the immune response and chronic inflammation?


What 2 drugs are anti-inflammatory?

1) Aspirin

2) Ibuprofen (Advil)


The increase in the number of cells

Secondary intention

The type of repair in which scar tissue is found

Name 5 types of injuries to teeth

1) Attrition

2) Bruxism

3) Abrasion

4) Abfraction

5) Erosion

What type of injury to teeth may be caused by bulimia?


What could be caused by a toothbrush?


What could be caused by mastication?



Increase in size

(not number of cells!)


The accumulation of blood due to trauma to tissues

Linea alba

May be caused by a clenching habit

Frictional Keratosis

May be caused by a chronic denture irritation

Nicotine stomatitis

May be caused by smoking

Tobacco Pouch Keratosis

May be caused by chewing tobacco

Amalgam Tatoo

Particles of amalgam in connective tissue

Solar Chelitis

May be caused by sun exposure


May be caused by severing a salivary duct


The obstruction of a salivary gland duct in the floor of the mouth


A salivary gland stone

May be seen with pregnancy

Pyogenic granuloma

May be caused by cheek biting

Irritation fibroma

May be caused by ill fitting dentures

Denture induced fibrous displasia

(epulus fissuratum)

How many drugs can cause gingival enlargement?


What are the drugs that cause gingival enlargement?

1) Dilantin

2) Cyclosporin

3) Procardia

Chronic hyperplastic pulpitis is also called...?

Pulp polyp

What is chronic hyperplastic pulpitis?

A pink nodule protruding from the pulp chamber

Periapical abcess

May have a fistula

Periapical granuloma

Microscopically it has granulation tissue

Radicular cyst

Has a fluid filled center

What may be caused by orthodontic treatment?

Resorption of teeth; root resorption

A radiopaque area on dense bone commonly found in the mandibular first molars is called...?

Focal sclerosing osteomyelitis

What is another name for a dry socket?

Alveolar osteitis

What defends the body against injury?

Inflammatory response

What defends the body against microorganisms?

Immune response

What are antigens?

Foreign substances against which the immune system defends the body

What is it called when parts of an individual's own body become antigens?

Autoimmune disease

Where are lymphocytes derived from?

Stem cells in bone marrow

What specific antibody is needed to fight an antigen?

Immunoglobulin produced by plasma cells

What do B memory cells do?

Retain the memory of a previously encountered antigen

What activates macrophages?

Lymphokines produced by T lymphocytes

What type of cells are involved in phagocytosis?


Name the two major divisions of the immune response

1) Humoral

2) Cell mediated

The production of antibodies (B-lymphocytes) are involved in what type of immune response?

Humoral response

What type of cells are involved in the cell mediated response?


What are the two types of immunity?

Passive and Active

What type of immunity comes from a vaccine?

Active immunity

List 3 examples of Type I hypersensitivity

1) Pollen

2) Latex

3) Penicillin

What is an example of Type III hypersensitivity?

Autoimmune disease, like Lupus

What is an example of an immunodeficiency disease?


What is a round yellowish white lesion that affects 20% of the population?

Aphthous ulcer

What type of oral disease is accompanied by itching and is sometimes called hives?


What oral disease causes swelling of the deeper blood vessels?


What oral disease may be caused by contact with rubber gloves?

Contact dermatitis

What oral disease is referred to as the "bulls eye" lesion?

Erythema mulitforme

What oral disease has a pattern of lacey white lines called Wickham's striae?

Lichen planus

What oral disease has a triad of arthritis, urethritis, and conjuntivitis?

Reiter syndrome

The acute form of Langerhans cells disease is called?

Letterer Siwi disease

What autoimmune disease has the symptom of xerostomia (dry mouth)?

Sjorgren syndrome

What autoimmune disease has a butterfly rash on the bridge of the nose?

Systemic lupus erythematosus

What autoimmune disease is common among Ashkenazic Jews?

Pemphigus vulgaris

What is another name for desquamative gingivitis? (It's an autoimmune disease)

Cicatricial pemphigoid

What autoimmune disease has a triad of oral, genital, and ocular lesions?

Behcet syndrome