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The immune system that usually defends the body against foreign substances that are called ______________.


Memory is an important function of the immune system because it

A) retains the memory of the antibody.

B) Allows faster immune responses

C) Allows faster inflammatory responses

D) Weakens future immune responses

B. It allows faster immune responses

Immunization with a vaccine works by

A) Increasing the risk of an insigne-causing disease

B) Using antibodies produced by another person

C) Passing antibodies from mother to fetus

D) Producing active acquired immunity

D. Producing active acquired immunity

Which of the following is an important fact about the B-cell lymphocyte?

A) It is derived from a precursor stem cell.

B) It matures and resides in the thymus.

C) It is produced from plasma cells.

D) It is active in foreign substance surveillance.

A. It is derived from a precursor stem cell.

A macrophage is a cell of the immune system that

A) Retains a memory of an encountered antigen

B) Produces antibodies

C) Undergoes B-cell phagocytosis initially during inflammation.

D) Can be activated by lymphokines

D. Can be activated by lymphokines

Which statement is correct when applied to natural killer cells?

A) They don't circulate within the body

B) They secrete antibodies

C) They are part of the body's innate immunity

D) They are a type of T-cell lymphocyte.

C. They are part of the body's innate immunity

In which type of immunopathology are the cells