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Phacolytic glaucoma
effect on lens nucleus, cortex, and capsule?
what leaks where?
what blocks TM?
What is phacomorphic glaucoma?
What is phacoanaphylactic uveitis?
What must the patient have in terms of VA and BAT for medicare to pay for cataract surgery?
What should the primary care optometrist treat before referring a patient for cataract surgery? Why and how should you treat entropion before referring the patient for cataract surgery?
When do you give NSAIDs to cataract patients?
4 days prior for every and 1 or more week post operative for patients at risk for CME
What's the order of most to least often performed corneal incision types?
Where are corneal incisions most often to least often located?
What are the advantages of clear corneal incisions?
Where are sutureless corneal incisions generally placed? Where does the corneal tunnel start?
What is the corneal tunnel distance referring to?

Where does near clear corneal incision start?
distance from anterior epithelium to posterior endothelium
Where does scleral tunnel start?
What are the advantages of scleral tunnel?
What are the disadvantages of scleral scleral pocket insisions?
easier bailout to switch to ECCE technique since deeper anesthesia is already in place
CCI surgical technique? drug,incision size, patient instruction?
Tell patient to look straight ahead and stabilize the eye using the fixation ring. The diamond blade is used to make a groove anterior to the perilimbal vessels then pushed through to make the tunnel
What are the signs of a suprachoroidal hemorrhage?
What are the risk factors for suprachoroidal hemorrhage?
When should you suspect a suprachoroidal hemorrhage secondary to intraocular surgery? AC?,,iris? firm or loose eye?
What are the symptoms of floppy iris syndrome?
How do you treat/manage intraoperative floppy iris syndrome?