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Christian capacity not will

1941 crucifix crisis

Von galen stopped t4

Dietrich Bonhoeffer individual imprisoned 1943 killed 1945

Neimoller confessional 6000\2000 Reich

Cardinal faulhaber

Challenged policies that effected them NOT THE REGIME

Youth WILL not capacity

Edelweiss underground smuggled put POWs

Publically hanged cologne 1944

White rose movement Munich 1942 !murdered 1943

Symbolic but no serious threat

Left wing WILL not capacity

Robert uhrig established resistance cells 1941 89 In Berlin

Communist network rote kapelle

Reichbanner railways

Splinter groups red patrol

Crushed by Gestapo Nazi soviet pact undermined

Isolated uncoordinated

Conservative capacity and will

Kreisau circle

Beck Goerdeler 1944 bomb plot

Had the access and resources but left too late

Many stuck to oath only 22\ 2000 generals

5000 killed

Opposition failed

Lack of support


Terror death sentences rose from 139-4000 1944

Nacht under nebel 'adequate punishment' Hitler and high command

Conservatives too late

Only released after 1934 oath and 1928 restructuring

Early successes blinded them

Different aims lead to fracturing as no clear long term aim