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Who shall establish Physical Readiness Program?
(Chief of Naval Operations (N1/NT) in collaboration with Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED))
Who shall provide policy guidance for Navy’s Health Promotion Program and establish PFA standards and FEP guidance?
(Commander Navy Personnel Command (COMNAVPERSCOM))
Who shall evaluate and/or analyze data on Physical Readiness Program injuries and deaths?
(Commander Naval Safety Center (COMNAVSAFECEN))
An optimal number of Assistant Command Fitness Leaders (ACFLs) per how many members depending on command size and structure should be assigned?
Commands should ensure all command data for PFAs is entered within ___ days.
This should be issued each time an enlisted member fails to meet body composition assessment and/or PRT standards?
(NAVPERS 1070/613 Administrative Remarks)
You should retain a command file copy of PRT failures for how many years?
CFLs should use what program to manage data on command members and ensure PFAs are completely entered within 30 days?
Develop a regular year-round fitness program of aerobic flexibility and muscular strength and endurance exercises for a minimum of ___ minutes at least _______ times per week?
(40; 3)
Members shall not participate in more than ____ official PFAs in a calendar year?
PFAs shall be completed at least ___ but not to exceed ___ months from preceding PRT?
(4; 8)
BCA shall normally be taken within ____ days of but absolutely not less than ___ hours prior to participation in PRT?
(10; 24)
Members shall be provided written notification at least ____ weeks in advance of dates for conducting PFA components?
Failing both BCA and PRT of the same PFA shall be counted as PFA failure?
This event is comprised of a BCA and PRT?
COs and OICs may require _______________PFAs/BCAs to monitor individual progression?
Only the _____________ PFA will apply towards administrative consequences?
Failure to meet BCA or PRT standards prior to what date shall not count towards administrative consequences?
Only ______ taken by CFLs (or designated and trained assistant CFLs) shall apply toward Physical Readiness Program administrative actions?
Members shall not be deemed to acquire a PFA failure or pass when _______________________ is granted for BCA and all PRT events during a PFA?
(medical waiver)
When members are injured or become ill during PRT or PT CFLs shall report to which officer?
(Command Safety)
For members who do not achieve prescribed physical readiness standards by failing to pass _________ cycles in most recent _____ year period ADSEP is authorized?
(3 PFA/4)
Enlisted members shall have advancement or frocking if they have failed most recent official PFA?
Codes for use in fitness reports or evaluations shall use ___ letters with a ___ between first and second letter?
(three/forward slash)
The single letter to of slash shall indicate performance on most recent PRT (exercise portion of PFA)?
Two letters to ________of slash shall indicate most recent BCA of PFA?
In regards to PRT results only letters P (Pass) F (Fail) M (Medically Waived) and N (Not Tested) ______be used?
This PFA code shall be used when members achieve “Probationary” standard or better on all PRT events or on two events and have an authorized medical waiver for the third?
This PFA code shall only be used when members are granted medical waiver from two or more PRT events (excluding sit-reach) and achieves “Probationary” standard or better on all non-medically waived events?
In regards to BCA PFA codes what shall be used in the evaluation block?
PFA code P?
PFA code F?
PFA code M?
(Medically Waived)
PFA code N?
(Not Tested)
PFA code WS?
(Within Standards)
PFA code NS?
(Not Within Standards)
PFA code MW?
(Medically Waived from Measurement)
PFA code XX?
(Not weighed or measured)
This BCA code shall only be used for rare cases where it is not possible to weigh or measure member?
Justification from what BCA code must be provided in "Comments on Performance" block of Fitness Report or Evaluation?
Results from most recent PFA performed during reporting period shall be recorded in what block of the evaluation using appropriate PFA codes?
For reporting period in which members fail third or more PFA in most recent 4-year period the Sailor shall receive a grade no greater than in military bearing?
For reporting period in which members fail third or more PFA in most recent 4-year period the Sailor shall receive what promotion marks?
(Significant Problems/Retention Not Recommended)
Overall scores of what are not required for assigning 5.0 in “Military Bearing”?
Enlisted members who fail to meet PFA standards three or more times in most recent 4-year period are ineligible for reenlistment until when?
(subsequently pass three consecutive PFAs)
Achieving ____or more years of service does not provide sanctuary from separation due to PFA failures?
Personnel with a pending or approved PTS application may be extended up to ____ months per the current PTS guidance?
Members who report to a command other than service school command less than ____ weeks prior to scheduled date or dates of PFA can't be required to participate in PFA?
Upon completion of ShipShape ______ shall ensure results of FEP-required BCA and PRTs are entered into PRIMS?