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Best's macular dystrophy

Vitelliform ds

Central serous retinopathy

Cystoid macular edema

Dry (non exudative) and wet(exudative) ARMD

Flexner wintersteiner rossettes

Homer wright pseudorossetes



Diabetic retinopathy

HTN retinopathy


Cherry red spot - collection of fluid @ ganglion cell layer


Non ischemic : few superficial flame shaped hgh more in periphery & sheathing around main veins

Ischemic : tomato splash fundus ( severe flame shaped hgh) & rubeosis iridis

ROP ( age < 34 wks and wgt < 1.75 kg )

Panretinal photocoagulation using diode laser

Layers of retina

Salt and pepper fundus

1. Retinitis pigmentosa - kearns Sayre syndrome

2. Thioridazine toxicity

3. Chronic progressive external opthalmoplegia

4. Cystinosis

5. Rubella

Bulls eye retinopathy

1. Cone dystrophy

2. Stargardts ds

3. Chloroquine / hydroxychloroquine

4. Niemann pick type B