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What type of lines are used on aircraft drawings to indicate hidden views, center lines, and alternate position lines?

How are dimension lines shown on aircraft drawings?

Dimension lines are solid, and usually broken at midpoint for insertion of measurement indications


What is a sketch for a repair?

It is a basic drawing that shows specific information and provides minimum detail needed to manufacture a part.

How may an aircraft drawing of a part be drawn to bring out pertinent details?

By drawing a detailed view at a larger scale than the principle view.

What type of drawing is most helpful in troubleshooting a system?

A schematic.

Define "tolerance" as used in aircraft drawings.

The difference between the plus and minus allowable dimension of a part. (+/- of .005 = .010)

Define "clearance" as used in aircraft drawings.

Clearance is the dimension given for the space between parts.

What is a fuselage station number?

It is the distance from the datum measured inches along the longitudinal axis.

What information is given in the title block of a blueprint?

The drawing number, the name of the part or assembly, the scale, the date, the name of the firm, the name of the draftsman, the checker, and the approving official.

Where is the title block usually found on an aircraft drawing?

In the lower right corner.

Why are dimensions used, and how are they shown on the aircraft drawings?

Dimensions are solid narrow lines, broken at midpoint for the insertion of measurements. They are used to indicate the size of an object.

How can a change to an aircraft drawing be identified?

By its revision number (A, B, C, etc...). The revision letters are usually listed in a table next to the title block or in the corner of the drawing.

What is the "bill of materials" associated with aircraft blueprints?

It is a list of materials and parts necessary for fabrication or assembly of component or system.

Why are symbols used when drawing aircraft blueprints?

Symbols are a type of shorthand used in drawings. They express the characteristics of a component with a minimum amount of drawing or writing.

What is an orthographic projection?

A way of illustrating an object in a drawing, by showing different views at right angles to each other, such as front and side views.

How many views are required to determine the shape of an object?

Three views: Front, Top, and Right side.

What is the purpose of one view drawings?

They are used for objects of uniform thickness, such as gaskets, shims, and plates.